The most boring uniform of the 18th century?

Surely the Hanoverian Freytag Jägers wore one of the most boring uniforms of the mid-18th century! Plain green coats, with green turn-backs and cuffs, the only hint of ‘colour’ a single white strap on the left shoulder; buff breeches and gaiters; and plain hats with no trim and just a green cockade.

The whole attire was so dull, one could almost believe this was the first real attempt at camouflage, helped even more by the field-sign of a spray of leaves in their hats. As the Freytag Jägers were originally drawn from hunters and gamekeepers, perhaps that was actually the case?

I used GW Contrast paints for these beautifully sculpted 1/56 Crann Tara figures.

Perhaps in hindsight I could have used a more vivid green and a lighter buff to make the colours ‘pop’ a bit more. On the other hand, maybe they’ll be harder for my opponents to spot on the table!

So these rather dull Freytag Jägers will never be one of my favourite units. And just because of that, they’ll no doubt fight much better on the table-top than any of their much more gorgeously costumed comrades in the armies of the Barryat of Lyndonia!

8 thoughts on “The most boring uniform of the 18th century?

  1. You’ve done a great job on some beautiful figures – they look real, and so cleverly photographed too. Thanks Chris

  2. Greetings Roly …Arteis … Hu,…hatet…???
    I like the simple colours that break from the rule of the 17 & 18th centuries -of being ostentatious . If these men were used as sharpshooting Jagers [hunters], light infantry or riflemen and perhaps were used in similar vein as were the minute -men of the American Revolution to ambush and harass regular troops on the march -you could have fun in your war -gaming … cheers ,God bless you Nick Papadopoulos .
    Nicholas John Papadopoulos [On face -Book ] .
    Auckland ,New Zealand .

  3. p.s. ,… If I had a small army belonging to perhaps a 17th or 18th century German duchy …I would give a service uniform like this to my troops …and use them as true hunters … in woods …to harass and wear down any much larger intruding army .
    Ak, NZ .

    1. Hi Nick. This unit (and other similar – though perhaps not as drearily uniformed – units of each side) were indeed much engaged in the ‘Klein Krieg”, or small war, fought by (and often between) units of chasseurs, volontaires, jaegers, pandours, croats … all more akin to guerrillas than their line fusilier and grenadier compatriots.

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