‘Sharp Practice’ cards for New Zealand Wars

I’ve finished designing some cards today for the Too Fat Lardies’ Sharp Practice ruleset to use in games set during the colonial New Zealand Wars.

I hope to give these cards a bit of a test-run at the Kapiti Wargames Club games day next weekend, when we put on a display game using Sharp Practice along with the Terrible Sharp Sword supplement for the American Civil War.

Backs of the cards
These use the Too Fat Lardies’ standard Sharp Practice logo superimposed on a Māori carving.

British and Maori blinds
The Māori carving will represent, of course, the Māori blinds, whilst the standard of the 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot represents British blinds.

Grasp the Nettle cards
While the British will use the standard wording from the rules for their cards, I thought the Māori cards could use the first lines of one of their most famous haka (wardances).

Cards for the main and bonus decks
These (and the following pages of cards) are a combination of standard bonus cards from the Sharp Practice rules, some from the Too Fat Lardies’ Terrible Sharp Sword supplement for the American Civil War, and some I’ve made up myself.

More bonus cards
There are a few extra backs for the cards dotted in these sets. From experience, you can’t have too many backs!

Even more bonus cards
Again, a combination. We’ll just have to see how they work out in the game.

British Big Man cards
My Empress Miniatures officers and NCOs feature on these cards. These pictures will make it easier for players to identify which card goes with which model soldier.

Māori Big Man cards
And these are the chiefs who lead my Māori forces, again from my Empress Miniatures armies.

4 thoughts on “‘Sharp Practice’ cards for New Zealand Wars

    1. Thanks, Chris. Though I must say it was a bit of a drudge today cutting them all out and inserting them into their plastic sleeves!

  1. Excellent cards – well done. It is a pain cutti the cards out for TFL games but worth it in the end! Of course this isn’t helping me resist buying the figures and getting into the New Zealand wars despite not having finished my current projects!

  2. Why even try to resist, Al?! Those Empress figs are really very tasty indeed!

    And if you want to use ‘Sharp Practice’, now I’ve done half the work for you in designing these cards! Just print them out – they’re already sized to fit into standard baseball card size plastic sleeves.

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