Slippers for the well-dressed wargamer

Pattern to crochet a pair of tank slippers for the well-dressed wargamer, spotted for sale here.

It would almost be worth leaning how to crochet to make these.  Cheaper than buying lead or resin miniatures!  And no painting required, either.  Plus you could also crochet the terrain and everything!

9 thoughts on “Slippers for the well-dressed wargamer

  1. Good idea, Michael. On Valentine’s Day you could give your beloved a pair of Valentine feet – and then wonder why she sighs and rolls her eyes (or worse) …

  2. A knitted tank with working tracks is the way to go IMHO. It would make ‘walking’ down the drive to check the mail a lot easier … especially if one needed to traverse slippery terrain!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

    1. Ah ha … there might be a working invention buried in these increasingly way-out thoughts of ours!

      Though imagine if one of your motorised slippers stopped working – you could be going round in circles for hours.

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