The thrill of being published in ‘Wargames Illustrated’


It was with much excitement that I opened up ‘Wargames Illustrated’ (issue#385, November 2019) today, as I knew it contained my article on my imagi-nation, the Barryat of Lyndonia.

Every writer knows the thrill of the first sight of a newly published article. Will it look good? Will they put the right pics in? Will it read as well as it did in my final draft?

Well, I was delighted at how the finished six-page article looked. They even tarted it up by adding stills from the movie ‘Barry Lyndon’, on which my imagi-nation is based.


Followers of my blog will be aware of the Barryat, as my project has featured here many times. When I asked ‘Wargames Illustrated’ if they were interested in an article about it, they were very keen.

Hopefully readers will enjoy the article. It is a little different in that it doesn’t have any orders-of-battle, scenarios or ratings for particular rules.  Instead, it is a very general  jaunt through my project to merge movies and imagi-nations. 


The theme of this particular issue is ‘fictional heroes’, so my article fits well – albeit it does seem a little odd to be juxtaposed with Judge Dredd and Captain Flint.


I wonder if anyone will take up my light-hearted suggestions of other potential movie-based imaginations? Maybe a Napoleonic-period country called the Richardy of Sharpe, or the colonial setting of the Unholy Flashman Empire?!



14 thoughts on “The thrill of being published in ‘Wargames Illustrated’

  1. Congratulations on the publication of your article. I’ve followed your many postings which, I believe, started with painting up the two regiments from Barry Lyndon. There’s one very nice thing about Imagi-Nation gaming – whatever you do will always be right! Or as a now departed friend once said “Damn it, they’re your figures. Do what you want!” Gain sincere congratulations – well deserved.

  2. I will have to buy a copy of this issue. Nice looking layout and production values. The pictures really show off the Minden figures very nicely – thank you for that.

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