Tiny, tiny ships with tons of detail


Considering their diminutive size, these model Napoleonic ships from Warlord Games are packed with an incredible amount of detail.

As mentioned in my last posting, I am currently working on putting together a couple of fleets from their ‘Black Seas’ range.

This weekend I’ve almost completed a couple of third-rate ships-of-the-line, and a another frigate.  Just the ratlines, sails and flags to go …




12 thoughts on “Tiny, tiny ships with tons of detail

  1. Wow, they’re really small but the detail looks great! How does it play, do you get the napoleonic feel from the game. I’ve got Cruel Seas and that certainly feels like small boat action in ww2!

  2. I’ve just finished a brig…just a thought, has anyone any suggestions regarding transporting these little beauties? I’m considering magnetizing the next ships I build.

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