The VERY best photos of the Chunuk Bair diorama

Whilst I’ve previously posted quite a few photos on the official blog of the diorama of the WW1 battle of Chunuk Bair, we’ve saved the *very* best shots until last!

We had agreed to withhold these photos until after ‘Wargames Illustrated’ published a photo-article about this project. Now that this article is in their August issue, we can at last show you these amazing shots taken by Andy Palmer.

Here’s a few sample pics (click each picture for the full effect).  But do go to the Mustering The Troops blog to see more photos and to read the informative captions:








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7 responses to “The VERY best photos of the Chunuk Bair diorama

  1. What a sensational snapshot of a truly inspiring project.

  2. Thanks for that, Michael. Andy has certainly taken some amazing shots considering the rather awkward lighting conditions at the time.

  3. Nick Papadopoulos

    Thanks for the photo arteis – My wife ,son and I visited Wellington to visit Sir Peter’s diorama plus Te Papa . Wish we could have spent more time at the diorama -it really needs at least a week of viewing and a good camera .
    We only had little cameras .
    Whilst visiting the little museum behind the diorama – my son Mike was giving a commentary to some of the guests there … A senior staffer from the museum heard him and asked if he was employed at the museum – my son replied no -but that he had just finished a BA in History and had covered WW1 in full . The staffer suggested that Mike apply for a job there .
    Its up to him -but I am not sure that Wellington’s weather in winter is to Mike’s liking .
    Keep up the good work – arteis.

    Nick Papadopoulos.

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