New Gallipoli animated feature film called ’25 April’

Following on from New Zealand’s massive diorama of Chunuk Bair, click on the YouTube link above to see the two-minute trailer of a new full-length animated movie about Gallipoli to watch out for.

’25 April’ is an innovative feature documentary created to bring the story of the New Zealand experience at Gallipoli (Turkey) to life for a modern audience through a re-imagined world.

Using graphic novel-like animation, ’25 April’ brings First World War experiences out of the usual black-and-white archive pictures and into vibrant, dynamic color.

Weaving together animated “interviews” based on the diaries, letters and memoirs of six people who were actually there, the film tells the compelling and heart-wrenching tale of war, friendship, loss and redemption using the words of those who experienced it.


7 thoughts on “New Gallipoli animated feature film called ’25 April’

  1. Hey mate, any word if the 54mm figures will be released on the retail market for figure collectors…?
    Cheers, Jason

  2. Yeah, I have been in a bit of a wargaming doldrums of late. However, you’ll be pleased to know I’m back painting. I have around 30 Minden French hussars to paint for my ‘Barryat of Lyndonia’ army. I’ve already started on them – I did the messy oil-painting stage on all the horses over the weekend.

    1. After the busiest painting time ever for me in the first six months of the year, I too have been slow on the painting front of late. It is all self enforced though – trying to pay off some of our trip in August. However, I do have a large batch of Perry plastic War of the Roses on order, but they seem to be taking a long time to arrive!

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