War comics – Napoleonic style!

I’ve just  stumbled across a site of Spanish war comics, portraying stories set during the Napoleonic Wars.  

One particular comic, called Soldados, really tickled my fancy.  I didn’t have to be able to read Spanish to get the sense of it, and particularly the rather apt (for our hobby) punchline.  You can download it as a PDF from here:


Here’s a sample of one of the pages from Soldados.  As you can see, the artwork is of a very high standard – certainly much more detailed and ‘artistic’ than the British WW2 war comics I used to devour avidly as a kid. 

By the way, if those dragoons in the above picture had been from the 12th rather than the 6th, that trumpeter could’ve been my great-great-great-great-grandfather  who really was the staff trumpeter in Napoleon’s 12th Dragoons.

Here’s one more page.  I especially love the doughty French grenadiers!

And here’s another of the comics, this one telling the story of the Battle of Vitoria: http://www.forohistoria.com/tebeos/batallavitoria.pdf

This is in a totally different style from the previous comic, but just as artistic.  And it would also be a great source of colour ideas for painting Peninsula War figures.Check out the sample page below, for example. 

DIBUJANTES: José Luis Salinas y Adolfo Usero
GUIÓN: Felipe Hernández Cava
Ikusager Ediciones Vitoria 1985

3 thoughts on “War comics – Napoleonic style!

  1. I have seen some of those pages in the flesh… i mean, the paper… and I totally forgot about them. Salinas is an Argentinian Artist (with a capital A of course), and I studied comic art in my teens with his son, Alberto, who passed away not 5 years ago. Both of them are some of the greatest artists in the world, and usually doing historical art like this.

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