Trouble painting faces? Look at these!


I visited The Great War Exhibition in Wellington again this afternoon, to have another look at the amazing diorama of the Battle of Chunuk Bair, which I have previously reported on.

Today I undertook a closer examination of some of the amazingly realistic work done by the Weta Workshop team on the life-size figures in other parts of the exhibition.

As you can see from the header picture of the American doughboy, you could be mistaken for thinking he was a real person. The modelling and painting of this face (albeit at 1:1 scale rather than on our tiny miniatures) is the absolute ultimate in the figure modeller’s art.


Even the hand looked real, down to the individual hairs.

In fact, as I was taking these pictures, I was a wee bit anxious that he might in fact be one of those ‘human statue’ guys, and would suddenly wink and shout ‘Boo!’


Below are some of the other faces I photographed earlier when they were still under production.





And, finally, here are a few more pics of these amazing figures in their displays.





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