Sir Peter Jackson needs Kiwi wargamers

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 UPDATE 31 Jan: The official blog for this project, Mustering the Troops, has now gone live!

Here’s the chance for New Zealand wargamers to volunteer for a massive modelling project to commemorate Gallipoli, led by Sir Peter Jackson and using never-seen-before figures by the Perry twins!

Below is an open letter to New Zealand wargaming clubs from Rhys Jones, a fellow wargamer and also the former Chief of the New Zealand Defence Force:

“I am asking your help in organising wargamers around New Zealand to paint 4000 x 54mm figures for a Gallipoli diorama in Peter Jackson’s Great War Exhibition.

One of my adventures in life is to be involved with Peter Jackson in creating the ‘New Zealand Great War Exhibition’, which will open on Anzac Day this year and run through to Armistice Day 2018. It will be housed in the former Dominion Museum building in Wellington, behind the Carillon and the new Memorial Park. With both Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor doing the exhibits, and the historian Christopher Pugsley doing the historical curating, we know that this is going to best a best-of-world-class exhibition. However, with Peter being tied up until recently, completing the last Hobbit movie, we have an ambitious time frame to complete the work.


One of the displays that he is building is a diorama of the battle of Chunuk Bair, on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Over Christmas he has commissioned the Perry twins to make 4000 x 54mm Turkish and New Zealand soldiers. We now have until late March to paint them. I am seeking your help to find about 100 good painters who are willing to paint about 40 figures each over the next two months. I have attached some images of some of the figures that the Perrys have produced, as well as the early version of the Turkish painting guide (note that there is at least one error in it, so it is not the final version).

turks turks2

Alan Perry has also sent the following link to a compatibility colour guide which covers seven different paint manufacturers including Vellajo. This should help sort out colours if you’ll want to use different types of paint from the guides:

The Perrys have about 600 figures that they will dispatch this week as the first batch. Note that the figures are designed for a diorama of trench fighting on the hill-top, so many of the figures are climbing the slopes or through the trenches – hence the poses.

As with the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, Peter wants all of New Zealand involved, so that it becomes an exhibition of New Zealanders, by New Zealanders. I think that this is a great opportunity to get involved in something very special, as well as a chance to raise the profile of wargaming clubs through local media articles.

Many of my wargaming friends here in Wellington have pitched in to provide me your names from around the country, as points of contact for the clubs, so can you please help in this venture? For a historical “feel good factor” my intention is to divide the country up into the WW1 recruiting zones: Auckland (everything north of Taupo), Wellington (south of Taupo and including Taranaki and Hawkes Bay), Canterbury (everything north of the Waitaki) and Otago (south of the Waitaki), with a one club coordinating the painting by all the clubs in that region.


Roly Hermans is helping me get the news out to people through the NZ Wargaming forum and we will also establish a website that will be updated with painting progress and all the information needs for the painters and other interested parties. The painting guides will be available on the site for downloading.

If you can help with this, or can pass me on to someone who can, then I will be indebted to you. I am particularly seeking a volunteer person, or club, to honcho each region. That will involve the distribution of the figures to the other clubs and painters, monitoring progress, updating the website (you will have partial administrator rights), collection and the dispatch of the painted figures back to me. Please get back to me to either confirm your interest or to refer to someone who can help. If you are able to be the regional honcho, then a mailing address for the dispatch of the figures would be great.

The contribution of the clubs will be recognised in the exhibition and the website will remain as a record of the achievement.

Please help. This will be something that you will all be proud of when you visit the exhibition, perhaps during Call to Arms this year.

Rhys Jones
The Arm Chair General (for real)

Exciting, aye!   If you are in a New Zealand club and are interested in Rhys’ request, please let him know.  Until the dedicated project blog is launched, you can let Rhys know merely by posting a comment below.


Above:  The Perry twins and a ‘friend’ pack up the first consignment of 54mm ANZAC figures for sending to New Zealand.



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245 responses to “Sir Peter Jackson needs Kiwi wargamers

  1. briansmaller

    Count me in Roly and Rhys.

    • Hi Brian

      You told me your Dad said to you to never volunteer for anything. Well, we’ve noted you’re the first official volunteer here!

      BTW, I’ve sent you an email about a little publicity help you might be able to provide.

    • Greg Simmonds

      Hi Roly count me in, I better head down to the recruiting office and sign up to the Wellington regiment, are you going to be our leader?

    • John conroy

      I’d love to contribute my painting to this project, let us know the logistics of picking up the metal and delivering the painted figures in Wellington ….

    • Can Australians be counted in? I’d love to involved in this.

    • Dan Withers

      Hi, i really want to donate some time to get aboard painting for this project. I do commission painting, ( so they will get a good lick of paint…i am really keen as im also ex 2/1RNZIR and 2 PARA, so to contribute to this would mean alot…Im in Northland. Thanks, Dan.

    • Keen to get involved. based in Welly (but not currently a member of any local club).

      • No problem, Raymond. The official blog with local contact people to sign up with will be online by the weekend.

      • Cheers, Raymond. This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

    • jones das

      It’s a great concept. Count me in I would love to paint. I am based in Wellington.

      • That’s great, Jones Das. This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

  2. Doug

    What about is Aussies painting up the other half of the Anzac corps 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Doug

    Us ‘Aussies’ should help out too, it was ANZAC you know, even if all too many Australians forget our trans-Tasman mates.

  4. stephenladanyi

    I’m in.

  5. Stacky

    What a great opportunity to be involved in our military heritage. The exhibition itself will be an historical event. The Southern Strategists in Christchurch are keen to get stuck in to painting their share over the next couple of months. Canterbury gamers can contact Tim Driver at Comics Compulsion to sign up.

  6. Very cool! My French Napoleonics can take a break for a month or two, I’d happily be involved in the project. I’m a member of Auckland city guard club, if someone’s needed to coordinate logistics in Auckland I’m keen to volunteer.

  7. briansmaller

    Reblogged this on The Woolshed Wargamer and commented:
    This is a great project for all New Zealand wargamers to get involved in. Please head over to Dressing the Lines and register your interest.

  8. I think this is a fantastic project and I will gladly take part. If you would like a Wairarapa coordinator, I am happy to do that.

    Is it okay if I share your message with the DBMM (Ancient and Medieval rules) and Wairarapa wargamer’s’ email lists I have created and on our club blog?

    Hardly huge numbers in my contacts but I am happy to spread the word as best I can.

    Best regards

    Sent from my iPhone

  9. An expert painter and member of the Tamahere Officers Club. Also a game master at the NZ Festival of Mind Sports which is hosting the NICON War Games tournament on Queen’s Birthday weekend this year in Thames:

    Send me your best troops and I will prepare them for battle!

  10. I’d be happy to be involved, expert painter & hobbyist in Auckland.

  11. Anonymous

    I’d would also love to get involved, occasional painter for Battlefront Miniatures blog with pictures and such here


    If you’d like UK contributions then I know “Wessex Wargamers Winchester” historical wargamers have some good painters – can they (and me) help? Caesar Slattery, Winchester, Hampshire, England

  13. What a fabulous project to be involved in – best of luck to all.

  14. David Mulder

    Please include me to the painting list.

  15. Saul Everett

    hey I’m keen if you need help. I’m a pretty accomplished painter

  16. Ryan

    I’d love to help out, seems like an amazing opportunity for us wargamers to come together regardless of gaming system or location.

  17. MikeC

    Sounds like a great idea – I’d love tocontribute

  18. I’m in too, already let Tim at Comics in Chch know.

  19. David Mulder

    I have passed this on to my Auckland club, we have 3-4 interested so far

  20. Hi there, my husband isnt a member of a club but he spends a lot of time painting war figurines, he is very good, would he be able to help? Do we need to supply the paint? Thanks heaps!

    • You don’t need to belong to a club to paint. But we need a club to coordinate in each area, which is what we’re currently seeking. Keep watching for the official blog fro signing up.

  21. David Bailey

    im a top model painter in auckland and keen to get involved 🙂

  22. Hi there Im a long term painter and would love to be involved in this project. I do not belong to any club . I live in Palmerston North is there someone I can contact or vice versa someone who can contact me so that I can be involved. With thanks

    • I don’t think it is essential to belong to a club, Rhys. It is just that we need a club(s) in each of the four ‘depot areas’ to coodinate everyone in their district.

  23. Good Afternoon, I play a range of wargames and paint mostly 28mm figures but would love to be part of this. I’m happy to provide examples of my painting to determine if I’m up to scratch or not. I live in Linton in the Manawatu.

  24. Anthony

    1:72 scale… hmmm Sounds like an interesting project

  25. Andrew a Wood

    i know I’m in Australia but count me in. I had two great uncles in WW1, one died due to injuries. Please email me …

  26. James Hoskins

    Im a pretty good painter in whangarei would be keen to help out

  27. Sam Dean

    Yeah count me in, I am part of the Club David Mulder mentioned

  28. Nikkira Booth

    Happy to take part – based in Wellington 🙂

  29. If it can be arranged I’m very keen to take on whatever painting is needed

  30. David Fister

    would love to get involved!!

  31. Hi my daughter and myself are not in a war-model group but we do reenactment. are interested in helping BOP.

  32. Would love to be involved, but I am neither a kiwi nor an australian (italian, as a matter of fact). I do run a professional painting studio though, so I would define myself as proficient…

  33. I’d be interested in painting a few. Who is organising things for the Auckland region? I’ve been painting wargames miniatures for the last 30 years.

  34. I’ll be up for this too…
    Stu – North Shore Wargames Club (aka… Auckland)

  35. Stephan Huber

    I find this idea absoloutely amazing! Is there a Chance for a German painter, too? I am doing painting commissions for over 7 years now and i Would absoloutely love to do my part for such a great idea and i would really like to paint. It would not be a Problem for me to pay for extra shipping or other fees. Please say yes and give me a chance:)

    All the very best


    • Hi Stephan. The problem is the very tight time frame. It is going to be hard enough to organise in NZ only, let alone spreading to other countries too. However, I’ll let the team know about your interest.

      • Stephan Huber

        Hi! Thanks a lot! I can paint very fast and still keep the quality high. If you need any pictures of my work, feel free to let me know under
        I have painted for the Perrys two times and they seem to be quiet happy 🙂 I can also do express shipping to you in NZ and give me one or two days to paint 4 miniatures.

        Thanks a lot for your efforts!


  36. Paul Buckland

    Happy to help. I am a 1/35 diorama maker. How much detail do you want? Realistic faces with 5 o’clock shadow or beards? I can send photo example of my work if required.

  37. Jules

    I’m in S Africa and wish I could be of help to your worthwhile cause. If you do get stuck do drop me a call I,ll be happy to help.
    PS I am a professional games miniature painter and can easily do the 40 per needed in the allotted time.
    Good luck in your venture

  38. Phil

    I’m more a painter of wizards and dragons, but I’m in Wellington and interested in being part of this. One question though – I might have missed it, but I didn’t notice anything about varnishing. Are there any preferences there?

    • No mention yet about varnish. That’ll be a good question for us to ask Aly Morrison, who is organising the paint charts. And ANZACs and Turks are just like rather dirty wizards!

  39. Phil

    Sign me up! I’m interested as an individual 🙂

  40. Al

    Yep, I’ll chip in.

  41. Skamp Ski

    Keen as chips! Been painting 15 years and commissioning 10 of those years, where do I sign up!!

  42. Hi there! Very excited about the prospect of contributing. Put me down for sure 🙂

  43. Doug R

    Hi Roly, I’d like to help any way I can. I saw you at Call to Arms a while back and I asked you about some Japanese terrain you made. I’ve been a bit out of touch with the wargaming community after I left Wargames Supply. Cheers, Doug.

    • Ah well, this’ll be a good way to get back into it again, Doug! Keep an eye out for the new dedicated blog to be launched next week, to express your interest to your nearest coordinator.

  44. Brynn Wood

    How do we make sure our club gets a chance to be involved?
    What is this NZ wargaming forum you speak of?

    • Keep an eye out for the new dedicated blog to be launched next week, Brynn. It’ll have details of the local coordinators, whom your club can approach. Oh, and there are several NZ wargaming forums I’ve posted this on, or where others have re-posted this call-out.

  45. Rob Appleton

    My grand uncle Charlie Appleton was a serving member of the Auckland Regiment at Gallipoli. Sadly he was one of many souls who never made it home. I would be pleased to lend my painting skills to this project in his honour.

    • This is really interesting, Rob. By taking part, you could be doing his as a special memorial to your grand uncle. Keep an eye out for the dedicated blog next week.

    • Patrick Long

      Hi Rob, we must be related. Charlie Appleton was also my great uncle (my mother’s maiden name is Appleton). I used to be a professional entertainer and 14 years ago a colleague handed me some music to which I wrote some lyrics in Charlie’s honour. We recorded the song at the time but didn’t do too much with it. About 9 months ago, just for fun and as as the 100th anniversary was coming up I made a little clip so that I could put the song up on You Tube. I am no Peter Jackson that’s for sure but, with the limited resources at my disposal, I think I have come up with a clip that helps to carry the message of the song. Strange fact: Whilst I did not know till later in the day on which I wrote the lyrics it turns out that the words were written on the anniversary of his death May 8th. You can believe that or not but it is true and I thought that it was a bit freaky. The song is called The Daisy Field. As you probably know many NZers, including Charlie, were slaughtered that day in the second battle for Krithia on the infamous Daisy Patch or Daisy Field as it was known. I hope you like the song which you can find here:

  46. This is a fabulous project. I’m a professional miniature painter based in Nelson (Canterbury depot?) who would like to help out. My great grandfather commanded the Auckland battalion during their fatal daylight attack from the Apex to the Pinnacle, just below Chunuk Bair. The defense of the high ground was an astonishing feat of arms–as was the Turkish assault that eventually took it. Please count me in if you need me, thanks.

  47. Kris Godfrey

    I was born in Timaru but now live in Christchurch… i’ve been playing and painting Warhammer 40,000 for 17+ years and wouldn’t mind a few to paint if you still need some help

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  49. Gordon

    I’m happy to assist, if you require people to do more than one batch I’m up for it.

  50. Mark Conroy

    Happy to assist with painting – 28mm painter and gamer for 30+ years. Home is Levin so can work through either Wellington or Kapiti.
    Mark Conroy

  51. Intrigued & willing to help with a couple as normally do ‘one off’ figures
    Will keep eye out for blog site & Waikato contact

    • OK, liaise with your local point of contact person once they’re announced on he forthcoming new blog. Maybe you can help someone else with some of their batch of 40.

  52. Fan-bloody-tastic!

    Hooray for Kiwis from the UK.

    Am I right in thinking the Perry Twins were in the first LoTR movie?

  53. Paul Reynolds

    Would love to be involved

  54. I’d love to help out! I’m in Auckland. I’ve never painted historical figures before, mainly just GW stuff. Some of my minis here: and I got one of these too, though a few years ago now

  55. Sounds like a wonderful project. I’m an Aussie with a long history of high quality wargaming figure painting. I’ve painted several 54mm ANZACs of my own ancestors who were in the Light Horse and also at Gallipoli. You can check out my work on my blog Doc’s Art of War. I can guarantee a fast turn around and a top, accurate job. I also have direct access to original source material at the Australian War Memorial (the finest repository of its kind in the world) if it’s of any help. I realize that logistics are problematic but the post is very good across the ditch so I thought I’d make the offer anyway! I hope it all goes well and I’m envious of the huge opportunity it’s afforded our Kiwi mates – so in the spirit of ANZAC us Aussies want in too!


    • Thanks for that, Doc. At this stage the project is for NZers, mainly due to the logistics. But I will discuss this tomorrow with Rhys, and will let you know about overseas painters ….

  56. Great project – my husband and 14yr old son would love to be involved. They are passionate war gamers – have to say they are pretty good painters too! so please count them in. Oh – we are in the Auckland region. Thanks.
    Elaine (mum), Paul (dad) and Will.

    • It would be cool to have a family affair! Keep watching here for details of the blog where you’ll be able to sign up with your local point of contact.

  57. Stephan Huber

    I really do not want to bother but I am pretty excited about this project. Any news or a small possible for a German to contribute to this amazing project?


  58. Hi Roly
    Count me in. I have put out the word to the re-enactors in Auckland if they want to pitch in. Many of them are wargamers.

  59. The Otago Miniature Tacticians Society are willing to give a hand.

  60. Daniel Tizzard - Close

    Good afternoon.
    Unfortunately I’m not formally attached to a wargaming club but I live in auckland and love to paint miniatures, generally WW1-2. hope I can offer my assistance. email is

  61. James

    I’m interested
    OR3WA Imperial Knights at Orewa Library

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  63. This looks a tremendous project. Good to see Chris Pugsley curating – he’s absolutely the best person in the country for anything associated with Gallipoli.

  64. Lance Stobie

    If you still need help, I am available. I normally only paint GW stuff, I am Brother Stobz on the to view my woŕk there is a blog in the Dark Angels section. One of my pieces was ddisplayed on the old GW website as they liked my work.
    I was in the NZ Army for 23 years, 8 RF and the rest TF and am very interested in helping out on this cool project.

  65. Leon Mcclutchie

    Hi im not a gamer as such but have been building & painting military models 4 about 30 year, am currently building models 4 an airport museum in kapiti, & have won local competitions building & painting models (1/75, 1/48, 1/35 scale). I would love the opportunity to work on this peice of NZ history. I have served with 1RNZIR & 7WNHB .

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  67. Paul Crouch

    Roly hii if you want to send some over here I would love to help out ..

  68. C Afele

    Hiya, Im keen to help 🙂

    • Cool! This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

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  70. Hello! At Queen Margaret College, Wellington we have a group of enthusiastic scholars/artists who are very and keen to be part of this project.
    Please keep us in mind.

    • Thanks for that, Jude. This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

  71. Vicky

    I would love to be involved. Been painting 1/72 and 1/32 scale for years, and I have won a couple of prizes for them.

    • Thanks for that,Vicky. This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

  72. I’ve been wargaming & painting since I was 11 – so sign me up too



    • Cool to hear from you, Bryan! This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

  73. Chris

    I would love to help. I paint mostly 28mm fantasy figures but would really like to be involved please. I can send in pics of my figures if you wanted to see if I am up to standard etc.

    • Thanks for that,Chris. This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

  74. Paul C

    Happy to help! I’ve been painting figures for 30+ years, 15, 25 and 54mm scales, all historical eras. Just get in touch when you’re ready.

  75. Jim Williamson

    Hay. I’m way keen to help. I’ve been playing and painting 40k since i was 15 so about 20 years painting experience As well as most other forms of modeling e.g. cars trucks of veering scales.. If i need to be part of a club let us know the Otago one near me and ill get in contact for this. Or just get in touch with my self and ill do what i can to help

    • Thanks for that, Jim. This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

  76. steven whiterod

    hi there my granddad was in the 19th battalion from 1941 through to 1945 he served as infantry and then as a Sherman tank driver , my great granddad was in ww1 and survived a gas attack but died age 49 from the effects of that I also have a great uncle berried in aras where he died of his wounds in 1917 battle of passendale so I am very keen to contribute to this project, I have been building and painting military models for 35 years

    • That’s an interesting story, so i can see your desire to take part, Steven. This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

  77. Hello. I was born in NZ but now live in Australia. If you need another painter let me know. I have been wargaming for a long time…my blog here…

  78. Benjamin

    Hi, there.
    I don’t know if I’m too late, but I would like to take part.
    I’m up in auckland and have been painting for about 7 years.

    • Not too late – the official blog hasn’t even gone up yet. Keep watching here for that blog to be announced, and then you can register your interest there.

  79. Alex

    I’m keen to help- 25+ years as model painter, several years as a commission painter working to deadlines and pre-set guides.

  80. Reinhold Kittelberger

    Hi there,

    I am quite interested to get involved painting some figures for this project. I am scale modeller and build mostly dioramas, for example a diorama about ancient Egypt. I have painted hundreds of figures, usually the 1/72 scale. How can I get in direct contact with you guys?


  81. Ben Gibbs

    Sup guys I’m keen and I will defiantly give it a go but If posable can we only get 10??? Im at school now and I might not have enghth time. Thanks👍

    • Ben Gibbs

      Just a bit worried I didn’t sound very professional. So just letting you know I do heaps of modling, mostly 1/72 scale (planes, tanks and figures) so I know what I’m doing. Sorry to comment twice but anything to give me a better chance of being involved😜

    • That’ll be up to how the local contact people organise what happens in each area, Ben. Smaller batches may impose logistics problems. But keep an eye out for the official blog, due out this weekend, to see who you should contact locally.

  82. Based in Auckland and have been building scenario and painting military miniatures for 30years, Very keen to assist.

  83. Hi there. Would absolutely love to help. Based in Paraparaumu and ready to go.

  84. Ooops, got all excited and hit post without more details. Have been painting for 20 years. Started with 1.35 Tamiya, moved to GW, and also have done 1:72, Warmaster, and am just starting with 1:16 Military

  85. Lucy

    Hi, my son Jon would absolutely love to be part of your project, he is a 100 percent dedicated scale modeler with an excellent eye for detail – and he’s very creative! – recently he’s been transforming old 1/35 scale soldiers into exceptionally realistic likenesses of some of the characters from The Hobbit – he would be thrilled to be considered for the team!

  86. Leith

    Happy to help, have all the gear

  87. Dave.

    Hi would be happy to assist, in the Paraparaumu Region also so am happy to come and visit or provide examples of work etc.

  88. Steve Owen

    Hi,Steveo here, very keen to help with this project… I am a War-gamer/painter with a lot of experience. Mainly with 25 or 15mm figures. Napoleonic and WW2 theatres. I also have been constructing themed terrain boards for a few years now for example Omaha Beach/Pont Du Hoc. let me know how I can be part of this project



  89. Paul C

    Hi, am happy to help! 30+ years of painting 15, 25 and 54mm figures plus models. Palmerston North area.

  90. keith Gates

    Currently not with a club, but still paint and have painted quite a few 54mm figs. Would love to be part of this and am in Wellington

  91. andrew

    Not in a club, however my son and I would be interested in helping out, my son has been involved in war gaming with miniatures and the painting of etc. I have helped him and was heavily into model building in my teens.
    What is involved? Does this have to be done at a club or can it be done at home? Is the paint supplied with the figures, or do you anticipate we purchase the paint. It’s there a site with some FAQ’s ……..

  92. Karen

    Hi. Is there a coordinator for Auckland? The BattleCry event is coming up in a few weeks and they were asked if there was an option for a group painting a single allocation. A painting table could be set up at our event. And players who finish early or are just visiting could help paint some of these miniatures over the 2 days. Is this sort of volunteering allowed?

    • Hi Karen

      There are two coordinators in Auckland. If you go to the official site ‘Mustering the Troops’ at you could ask them that question on the Auckland forum.



  93. Mum

    Our 15 year old son is keen to be part of this project, loves history and paints models. We are in the Hutt Valley. If someone could contact me/us please. Thanks

  94. A bit off topic sorry but is it likely that unpainted figures will be available for sale at some point wither during or after the exhibition?

  95. Graham Menzies

    My friend Jon and me would like to give this a go too.

  96. Jason C

    This is great and very relevant for the 2015 Commemoration, wished I was in NZ to help guys….I have been a 1/35, 54mm figure modeller for 20 years and would love to do this. Even as an ex Aussie Infantry soldier I know the importance of ANZAC and am very proud of both our countries.

    • Thanks for that comment, Jason. It’ll be interesting to see what Australia is doing for WW100 too.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Roly, the only movement over the water here in OZ is the release of the ‘Gallipoli’ mini series on TV, no doubt you guys have got that too. But a few of the Model Hobby Expo’s are all being themed for Gallipoli. Anyway I’m hoping Australia will do some more in the lead up.

  97. Jason C

    David, not a bad idea and the sales from the figures could go to Legacy…!
    Maybe Peter J might see the value in a commercial release…..I would certainly be lining up to buy a ton of these for my own dio/ modelling.

  98. Mum

    Our 15 year old son is keen to be part of this but have not heard back from anyone. He is in the Hutt Valley, not currently a member of a club but keen to be involved in any way. Loves history and my dining table is covered in beautifully painted soldiers! Thanks

  99. Cem

    Dear all, this is turkishtoysoldier blogger.Perfect job and unity! Wish to be with you.Alas, me in Istanbul.But all our Turkish goodwill with you. May be we can copy that project here, too. Nice Turkish painting details.

    • Thanks so much, TurkishToySoldier. You can be assured this project is paying the utmost respect to your countrymen, as well as ours. I’m really interested to hear the reaction to the diorama of our colleague wargamers and painters in Turkey.

    • Vince Cholewa


      Sent from my iPhone


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