A name for the Gallipoli painting project?

header v2

This is just a quick update on the exciting Gallipoli painting project that is getting off the ground here in New Zealand.

Part of the painting process is to have a dedicated team blog to coordinate and support the 100 chosen painters working on their batches of 40 figures.   This team blog will be launched next week.

What we need now is a snappy title for this blog.  It needs to be a short enough to fit nicely into a header banner such as the draft above, it needs to reflect that this is a team painting effort, and that it is part of the New Zealand commemorations of Gallipoli.

Ideas, anyone????

7 thoughts on “A name for the Gallipoli painting project?

  1. And the winner is …. er …. me! I came up with ‘Mustering the Troops’! Any resemblance to the name ‘Dressing the Lines’ is of course entirely coincidental!

  2. How does the “The 100 club” sound as a name. It’s stands for the 100 year anniversary and the 100 painters you want. Cheers Paul

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