Update on New Zealand Gallipoli diorama project

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UPDATE 31 Jan: The official blog for this project, Mustering the Troops, has now gone live!

Just letting Kiwi wargamers/painters know that Mustering the Troops, the dedicated blog for the New Zealand Gallipoli painting project, will be launched by the weekend.   This project is part of New Zealand’s WW100 commemorations.

Once the new blog is up, you’ll find the email addresses of the local ‘points-of-contact’ throughout the country.  These are the people you can contact if you’re interested in taking part.  So please don’t comment here to say you’re interested – wait for the official blog.

This afternoon I was lucky enough to hold in my hands some of the first batch of figures to arrive in the country.  They are quite simply impressive.  The animation is amazing, and is very specific to the story being told in the diorama, so expect some interesting poses.

Also, the Perry twins have posted about the project on their own FaceBook page – go there to see some wonderful greens.

Below are a couple of pics that’ll be on the Mustering the Troops blog.  Again, this official blog should be up by the weekend.  I’ll announce here when it is launched, so keep watching.



21 thoughts on “Update on New Zealand Gallipoli diorama project

  1. This really is a very exciting development. I have no experience painting figures – my model-making career, thirty-odd years ago, revolved around the products of Messrs Hasegawa, Italieri, Tamiya and Airfix. But I’ll be with you in spirit…

    1. The ethos behind it was this was a chance for NZ wargamers to take part in NZ’s commemorations. But if there isn’t enough take-up in NZ …

    1. Hi Nick. This blog is pre-information only. The special blog where you’ll be able to find out who is coordinating the painting in your local area is due to go live this weekend. So keep watching here, as I’ll announce the new blog when it goes live.

  2. Wow! This sounds amazing, I would love to be part of it. I’m a huge fan of the Perry twins miniatures, and of Peter Jackson films. bit alas don’t belong to any club so that’s me out. But I cant wait to see the final product.

    1. Club membership isn’t necessarily a prerequisite. Keep an eye out for the dedicated blog this weekend, then get in touch with your listed local contact person to see how they’re doing this project in your patch …

  3. I remember seeing a photo of some greens of Anzacs by the Perrys years and years ago – and I think the article mentioned they were privately commissioned for Peter Jackson – this must be where it was all heading. Brilliant. I wish I was a Kiwi so I could help out.

    By the way, the greens were jaw-droppingly excellent.

    1. So far as I know, these are not the figures that the Perrys have shown in he past. These have been specially commissioned for this project, and only sculpted recently.

        1. Those ones you’ve linked to were one-off specials for Peter Jackson himself. I saw some of them a few years ago in the flesh (so to speak) when the Perrys were visiting here, and they were terrific. However, as i mentioned before, so far as I know, those specials have nothing to do with this current project. In this case the figures have all been sculpted very recently, and are all posed to depict a specific known point in time.

          1. Hi arteis – wasn’t doubting you at all. Just put 2 + 2 and got 6.346.
            I’ll be watching this project with interest. I think it is a great way to commemorate (and celebrate) your nation’s history.

  4. Hi fellows,
    I’m a Wellington-based (hobby)miniature painter, mostly painting fantasy figs and building terrain. I am not affiliated to any wargaming club, and would love to get involved in this diorama project.

  5. I would be keen to paint some of these! I am in Tauranga so hope there is a local contact here, or I would be happy to be that contact. See my BLOG for some of the Warhammer Empire models I have painted recently.

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