28mm paddle gun-boat for colonial New Zealand Wars


My project to make a model of Her Majesty’s Colonial Ship ‘Avon’, one of New Zealand’s earliest steam-powered warships, is well under way.


As mentioned in my previous posting, the basis for this model is a Chinese plastic toy, which has given me the hull, paddle wheels and parts of the superstucture.


I cut the hull along the waterline, and constructed a new bridge with an armoured steering position between the paddle-boxes. I also added the iron panels along the forward deck that the real ‘Avon’ carried during the 1860s campaign along the Waikato and Waipa Rivers.


Still to come is a Armstrong gun and the steering wheel, both being 3D-printed for me by Printable Scenery. I also plan to build the large loop-holed wooden deckhouse for the aft deck, as depicted by the late Harry Duncan in Middlemiss’s book The Waikato River Gunboats.


That leaves one remaining problem – what figures to use to crew ‘Avon’? It would be good to have a sailor at the wheel, an officer on the bridge, and maybe a sailor or two on the deck. Anyone know of some good 25-28mm Victorian-era ship’s crew models?









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25 responses to “28mm paddle gun-boat for colonial New Zealand Wars

  1. Another awesome project! Looks great. I look forward to hearing about its first engagement.

    • Thanks, Lemuel. I think it was a posting on your blog from a few years ago where I fist learned about the flotilla on the Waikato. So thanks for inspiring me!

  2. nobby531

    Very enjoyable post.
    You might try Tiger Miniatures http://tigerminiatures.co.uk/page3.htm
    or searches for 28mm Punk and pulp naval/sailors. There are other manufacturers but I’ve forgotten the names :0)

  3. Mark Strachan

    Great progress Roly!

    • Those officers include some nice ones, especially the one in the long coat. But unfortunately this range lack some ordinary crew members doing crewy things! But thanks for the suggestion.

  4. That looks great. How was the conversion to waterline? I have tied this before with a plastic kit, and it was incredibly difficult with bending and flexing of the hull.

    • Hi Doug. I just used a fine hand saw. It was easier than I expected, as I just needed to follow the existing line between the white and red sections. Cheers …

  5. Jerry Lannigan

    Very nice job on the conversion! You might want to look at the Naval Brigade crews that go along with a number of colonial lines. The crwews for Gatling guns might work.

  6. Ian Jopson

    I picked up some good sailors from an American firm, Riveresco. they also do armaments. http://www.tin-soldier.com

  7. This is such a great build Roly, brilliant stuff. As for sailors how about these? https://www.grandmanner.co.uk/Navy_Crew–product–96.html
    All the best,

    • Thanks, Michael. Not bad, but a bit too active for what I want. I just want them conning the boat along the river, not fighting or firing. I’m now thinking of the Foundry ones from their Crimean War range.

  8. James Manto

    RAFM Miniatures has some naval officers and sailors in their American Civil War line.

  9. Nick Stern

    I would also know what tools you used to waterline the model. And, can you please share the diameter measurement of the wheels. I have my own steam boat conversion the requires paddle wheels. Lovely job, by the way. You really sweat the details!

    • Hi Nick. I just used a fine hand saw. It was easier than I expected, as I just needed to follow the existing line between the white and red sections. The paddle wheels are just under 5cms in diameter. Thanks for the compliments, too.

  10. Brilliant project, will be watching!

  11. Pulp miniatures do a whole range of sailor types on deck.

  12. happywanderer

    Top stuff Roly. Only gun and crew to go.

    How do you envisage using the model…naval fire support, landing ops, ‘gun running’ past a Moari battery or two?…your thoughts on the use of the model and possible scenarios would be interesting to hear.


    Happy W

    • Not sure yet, HW! With the amount of games I actually get to play (about one or two a year!), she may never see a real wargames table in anger, and will only chug up and down the mighty Waikato in games in my mind …

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