Five large 28mm regiments in eight days


Yes, in just eight days I have produced five full units in my experiment with Peter Dennis’s wonderful paper soldiers. My British army already has three large units, and my Jacobites are well underway with two units. That’s less than two days per unit, from start to finish, including basing.


With any other project using my more-usual metal figures, I’d have to include the word ‘slowly’ (as in ‘I’ve been slowly building up my 28mm WW2 Dutch army‘). But for the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745/6, I can use the word ‘rapidly’ instead!


I thought cutting out the figures would be fiddly and frustrating. But in fact I find it quite zen-like. Cutting-out shapes seems to have the same calming effect as those mindfulness colouring-in books!


I’m building the two opposing armies at the same time, so I’m fixing their flags to fly in opposite directions. This may sound odd – until you remember that on the table the armies will face each other, so then the flags will be flying the same way. It would look odd if the wind was blowing in the complete opposite direction for each army!


I’ve given figures quite thick bases to make them easier to pick up. I’ve  textured them very simply with static grass. Anything more than that might be too 3D to accompany the 2D figures.

This weekend I’m going to work on some cavalry and guns.









repalce the word ‘slowly’ with .



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6 responses to “Five large 28mm regiments in eight days

  1. Chris Gregg

    An excellent achievement so far – well done, they look super, and very thoughtful about those flags as in 3D it never seemed relevant to me. Chris

  2. Mark Strachan

    I envy your patience Roly…all that cutting and gluing would drive me mad!

  3. They look excellent. And well spotted with the flags

  4. Jim Purky

    It is fun watching this project grow. It’s quite a good looking pair of armies.

  5. Vince Cholewa

    Looking good. Well done 😊

  6. Vincent Cholewa

    Looking good, Roly, top effort. Will you have the flats at Call to Arms next month?


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