At last – a wargames table of my own!


Ever since I started in this hobby, I’ve been hindered by having to rely on moving my troops to someone else’s place if I wanted to play a game.

But today I came up with an idea, after I realised I hadn’t used the desk in my small study for a desktop computer ever since we got a laptop. So I pushed our filing cabinet into the leg space, and pulled the whole desk out from the wall by about a metre.

This allowed me to lay a 4′ x 4′ table on top. Small – but it should enable skirmish games. It even gives me some hidden storage space in the gap behind the pulled-out desk.


And I’m going to figure out a way that a 6′ x 4′ could be laid on top temporarily for slightly larger games – perhaps with some sort of trestle legs to support the 2′ overhang.

Now I can host (skirmish) games at my place, or even play solo games over several days without having to pack up. Why I never though of doing this before, I don’t know!




20 thoughts on “At last – a wargames table of my own!

    1. I had a perfect space for a wargames room in my last house. It even had a wall of built-in display cases. But we sold that house just before I took up the hobby!!!

  1. Neil Thomas’ One Hour Wargames only needs a 3′ by 3′ table and Bob Cordery’s The Portable Wargame even less. The former has colonial and between wars elements and the latter is available from LuLu or as an ebook on iTunes and Amazon and is attuned to colonial times.

    I have played Lion Rampant solo on 4′ by 4′ but went back to the Dark Ages to avoid horse. They tend to gallop off the table a bit quickly on 4′ by 4′!

  2. Thank you – This hobby massively needs media coverage of gaming in small spaces. Your set-up looks lovely and shows that you can still game in the larger scales in a small space. I am in the same situation as you and consider your post from an inspirational point of view to be special. Norm.

  3. Small but beautiful, well done. I use foldable tressle tables under mine with 3 supporting the normal 8ft x 6ft. With additional tables and boards I’ve expanded it on special occasions to 12 x 6. You will surprise yourself what can be done with foldable tables, good luck.

  4. A very good solution to a common problem. You can even store stuff in the drawers underneath. I am still working on the dedicated game room, but that will require a move to a bigger lair.

      1. Still, a space to call your own…I feel it is always good to keep that in mind when moving to a new apartment or house. If kids are planned there must be at least one room left that can be converted into a gaming or hobby room. Garage is an option, but not as nice in winter.

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