Māori war-party for ‘The Men Who Would Be Kings’


I’m starting to play round with my existing Māori figures to see if I have enough for a 24-point taua (war-party) for use with The Men Who Would Be Kings colonial wargaming rules.

I have 48 warriors/chiefs, plus a 3-man carronade, all made by Empress Miniatures. Hopefully I’ve got enough figures for a full 24-point Māori force.


The warriors are mainly armed with muskets, but 13 have (tupara) shotguns, and 10 are armed only with clubs or axes. I may mix up the weapons in the units, as I don’t think units would’ve all had the same weapons.


The carronade will only be of limited use, mainly to defend a pā.

I’m not sure yet what I’ll be classing each unit as under the TMWWBK rules, although ‘Irregular Infantry’ 12-man units (at 4 points a unit) rather than ‘Tribal Infantry’ 16-man units (at 3 points a unit) seems the way to go. I’m still pondering how many optional points up or down I should adjust them to best replicate the Māori fighting style.




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16 responses to “Māori war-party for ‘The Men Who Would Be Kings’

  1. Vince Cholewa

    Good work, Roly. Fab!

  2. nobby531

    They are looking good. Is there a book you would recommend to read about these wars?

  3. I know nothing about Maoris but can appreciate beautiful figures when i see them, well done.

  4. Looking good. I will be interested to hear you thoughts on TMWWBK vs SP2 for NZ Wars.

    • I am probably not the best to comment on one ruleset vs another because (so far) I actually hardly play any games at all. I’m more of a collector and painter and dreamer …

  5. I shall watching with interest Roly.

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  8. Nicely done! Your bases really capture the feel of NZ and complement your well painted miniatures!

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