Kapiti Fusiliers – 40mm Perry Napoleonics


Back in June 2008 I posted this article about my first 40mm Peninsular War figures onto the now defunct Kapiti Fusiliers website.  For your viewing pleasure, here is that article again, as the latest in my series of resurrected articles from the old Kapiti Fusiliers website. 

For those of my readers who are not so familiar with the hobby of wargaming, 40mm figures are seen by gamers as somewhat unusual in that they are much larger than the more commonly used 28mm or smaller figures.  

40mm Perry Napoleonic figures

Perry Miniatures have a very attractive range of 40mm Peninsular War figures. Fusilier Roly Hermans has painted his first few British and French figures for a future skirmish gaming project.

A group of British riflemen and light infantry face off against a similar number of French voltigeurs.

Private Costello, heavily laden with a cooking pot and his officer’s shoes to repair, joins another riflemen as they are beckoned into an ambush position by their sergeant.

A British rifleman and rifles officer (certainly not Sharpe, as he wouldn’t have been seen dead wearing a foppish pelisse!).

Two British light infantryman, their sergeant, an elegant officer, and the company bugler in reversed colours, about to cross a stream.

A French voltigeur cornet in yellow tunic with blue facings, an officer and a voltigeur in waistcoat order.

Three French voltigeurs advance in skirmish order.

A French voltigeur firing line in action.

An officer points to the way to the enemy.

British light infantry and riflemen engaged in a skirmish somewhere on the Iberian Peninsula.

Postscript, July 2013: As mentioned, the above article first published in 2008.  Since then I’ve added a few more figures to the collection (including some rather more Sharpe-ish figures) by the Honourable Lead Boilersuit Company, Sash and Saber, and Trident Miniatures.  I’ll try to photograph these over the next few days and show them in another posting.

But, sad to say, I’ve never really gotten any further than one test game to actually using my 40mm figures.  This is partly because I made a mistake in glueing them onto such light plastic bases, as the added height and weight of 40mm figures make them too top-heavy, and they fall over at the drop of a hat. 

But even though they haven’t been gamed with, I enjoy the look of these figures, and they form a treasured part of my overall model soldier collection.


6 thoughts on “Kapiti Fusiliers – 40mm Perry Napoleonics

  1. Stunning images as always – I too am an absolute sucker for the Napoleonic era. Those miniatures have such personality, it is easy to assign them Sharpe-esque characters isn’t it!

  2. I’ve actually got some newer 40mm figures that are even more Sharpesque, Lemuel. I’ll do a posting about them before too long.

  3. Lovely photos – thank you. The Perry figures are wonderful, so I’m tempted to get into 40mm Peninsular myself. I’m put off, though, by the problems of finding suitable buildings at that scale. I would be interested in any views you may have about that. I lack the skills and time to make my own. Do you think 28mm buildings work well or are simply too small?

  4. Some 28mm buildings work just fine, if you ignore the door sizes. For example, the Grand Manner windmill in the background of some of my photos is 28mm. I did also make some 40mm buildings, but they actually look too big. I think with skirmish gaming I won’t be using too many buildings anyway. .

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