Review of Neucraft Models Renault R35 tank


The latest addition to my 28mm WW2 colonial French army is this diminutive Renault R35 light tank. This resin model by Neucraft Models is a little beauty.

This was a relatively well-armoured infantry support tank, but slow (only 12mph) and lacking in good antitank-capacity, being fitted with only a low velocity short-barrelled 37 mm gun.


The model is really crisp and detailed, as you can see in the picture. I chose to paint it in camouflage scheme of ‘milky coffee’ and two shades of green. The decals are by Gaso-Line.


The model is made up of several parts, including the body, separate track units, turret and about a dozen small detail pieces, which all fit together absolutely perfectly.


The hatch at the back of the turret can be opened and closed.  I added a French tank crewman by Warlord Games.

Comparing the size of this figure with the vehicle, you can see how small the two-man R35 really was – not that much bigger than a modern four-wheel-drive!


The model comes with two interchangeable turrets, so you also use it as the later type R35 with the long-barrelled SA38 37mm gun.


So that completes the vehicle fleet for my army. Next task – painting the French Foreign Legion infantry to accompany them into battle on the table-top.

7 thoughts on “Review of Neucraft Models Renault R35 tank

  1. That’s a superb little model and your painting has done it full justice! Looking forward to seeing the next step – those infantry. I have a story about one time when Bernard Freyberg ran into Free French forces in the North African campaign. He spoke a little French from his time in Picardy 25 years earlier but I have no info (yet) as to how well…

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the Legion figures painted. I stood aside an R35 in a museum in China…go figure…and you are right, it is no bigger than a family car.

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