Fifty shades of grey – and blue


Having been distracted setting up and maintaining the Mustering The Lines blog for New Zealand’s massive 54mm Anzac diorama project, I thought it was about time I dragged myself away from the computer and did my bit towards painting figures for the diorama.So here they are, my Kiwis.

I found the whole process very enjoyable. The large 54mm size makes painting details so much easier, yet they are still sculpted in a style that suits my normal ink and dry-brush techniques that I use on my 28mm figures.


I’ve taken Peter Jackson’s advice to heart, and painted the shirts various shades of grey (not 50, though!) and blue.

And I’ve also followed my own advice and taken a shot of me at work on these figures.


11 thoughts on “Fifty shades of grey – and blue

  1. Blimey! I like to glue my figures to a lollipop stick for painting but that is something else, you must have biceps like Popeye.
    Very nice figures, this is a very exciting project, best of luck.

    PS. Impressive cricket team BTW, congratulations.

  2. Wonderful work.
    I am trying to do the same in 1/72nd scale . Have been commissioned
    by the Papatoetoe Historical society to make two dioramas .
    One a Gallipoli scene and the other a generic Western front Trench scene .
    If there is anyone out there living in South Auckland [or greater Auckland]
    who wishes to take part in this smaller project email me on …
    Nick Papadopoulos.

    1. Hi Roly,
      It is on John Moher ‘s blog. He did a really nice job of advertising for me .
      I am at work at the moment – at night but when i go home i will give you the link to John’s blog.

      My main problem will be terrain forming.
      I found a factory in Wiri [South Auckland ] that produces polystyrene and gives off cuts away .
      I am including Australian & Indian soldiers coming from Papatoetoe -we have a large Sikh population ] .
      Mostly Hat Industry figures plus Airfix etc .

      Will be doing a Generic western Front trench scene as well .

      If you go on John Moher’s blog you will see my previous WW 2 Battle of Crete Scenario . There i converted 1/72nd Hat ACW Zouaves in to Cretan civilians by using some mendent to fill out the trousers in to full -blown ‘Crap -catcher ‘ Turkish -style pants .

      I think i have bitten off more than i can chew this time around -my wife not only wants to put me in the dog -box but to bury me six foot in it !!!

      I only heard of Sir Peter’s project through John Moher .

      wish i had heard of it sooner – then It would have saved a lot of angst .

      Never mind . My son and i went to Gallipoli – as a pilgrimage . My son’s
      Great Grandfather was an ANZAC and my Greek Grandfather was a volunteer in the British Royal Navy and also did a stint there .

      Strength to your painting hand Roly …
      may all your dice come up as sixes.
      If any body has a hot wire cutter or 10x 0 brushes and wants to help me they are welcome .

      Nick Papadopoulos

    2. Hi again – Arteis / Roly…
      It is now 0800 -back from work… as promised the web -site /blog administered by John Moher is :-
      He posted my request for help under :-
      Urgently Wanted : 1/72 HaT WW1…[and lots of other posies on his site ]
      I no longer need any more figures but still need assistance with painting and terrain sculpturing.
      Keep painting the 54mm dudes for Sir Peter , guys … this project of his will bring the sacrifice of New Zealanders to the forefront of the Kiwi public .
      Our ANZAC’s held Chunuk Bair for a time until the Royal Navy …did what they did … part of the ‘general’ […please excuse the pun…] muddle of the Poms … !!!
      Most authorities state that the ANZACs were dropped on the wrong beach…
      Ari Burnu [renamed …ANZAC Cove ].
      But consider what would have happened had they been dropped on the right beach just north of Gaba Tepe [later to be known as Brighton Beach ] … the Turks were heavily entrenched on the ‘correct’ beach …dug in with fortifications ,artillery and a wired in HQ.

      According to Edward J. Erickson PhD [page 49,GALLIPOLI/THE OTTOMAN CAMPAIGN :-
      ” In fact , it was here at Brighton Beach that the Australians intended to storm ashore , but a misjudged landing cast them ashore instead in the narrow shelf – like cove at Ari Burnu (ANZAC Cove) . from the British view , this has long been seen as a serious error that upset the landings .
      However , had the ANZACs landed in the designated site , they would have found themselves immediately under the guns of the Gaba Tepe strong point …/ ” .
      Had they landed on the …so -called right beach it would have been a complete massacre … there would have been few troops left to have been withdrawn early .


      If you live in South Auckland [or the greater Auckland Metropolis] and can spare time on Saturday 28th March , send me an email or a phone call .
      Bring along your 10 x 0 miniature brushes or a hot -wire tool – I will supply greazies and L & P for lunch … !!!!


      Keep painting the 54mm’s … I’ll race you with the 25mm’s [1/72nd scale ]…
      Strength to your painting fingers guys…
      …and may your dices always …strike sixes… !!!1

      God bless you Roly… Thank you for moderating such a fine site for gamers and collectors of little – menschen -men … !!!!!


      Nick Papadopoulos
      (09)2799239[Answerphone available ].

        1. p.s. 2 …

          also as a thank you for letting me post on your site … here is the address for the polystyrene factory … for those who live in Auckland or are passing through …Auckland …they have plenty of off-cuts in all sorts of shapes and sizes …. including long solid tubes good for making towers for castles… !!!!

          139 Roscommon Road,
          MANUKAU CITY.
          AUCKLAND .
          [On the back [Mangere ] motorway ]
          Phone :- Fiona Frost [admin] (09)2787175.

          Thank you.

          Nick P.

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