Maori meeting house, and other buildings


I had fun this morning painting these 3D print-outs from Printable Terrain.  This company produces computer files for printing these buildings on a 3D printer.

This impressive meeting house and its two accompanying huts will be perfect to populate a Maori pa for my colonial New Zealand Wars project.

I still have a lot more of Printable Terrain’s pa palisades to paint up (like the fencing in the background), and also a rather impressive gateway arch – so keep watching this space.

IMG_3527_a IMG_3528_a

6 thoughts on “Maori meeting house, and other buildings

    1. Hi Eric … good to see you.

      Unfortunately I don’t even know what a “nex box” is … but if it has email, you should be able to follow my blog by pressing the long grey button near the top of the right sidebar.

    1. Matt, whose company produces these files, has one.

      He reckons it won’t be many years before most people have one. And the quality will improve, too – he thinks 3D printers are about at the stage where dot-matrix printers were a few years ago, and look now how nearly everyone has a good quality colour printer.

  1. Wonderful stuff Roly. This really is the future of wargames terrain. I am rwally keen to get going now that the printers are at an acceptable price – what a shame that her indoors has committed us to that big trip in August!

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