A VSF machine built in five minutes flat

In a fit of jealousy concerning my mate Colonel O’Truth’s steam walker ‘Gargantua’, I decided I needed a Victorian Science Fiction machine as well.

But I didn’t take half a year to build mine – I did it in five minutes flat!  And the rivet count was nil!

So, may I present the latest contraption to join the fleet – Her Majesty’s Clockwork Walker ‘Gigantor’!

She .. er he .. er it … is armed with a top-secret Marconi Navel Radio-Wave Disintegrator on the waist compartment.  The eyes are actually Acme Patent Disappearing Rocket Launchers.

HMCW “Gigantor” is made from one tin-plate toy robot, a French Napoleonic limber, a gun swabber, a ship’s crows-nest, some miscellaneous barrels and clutter, and a bit of BluTac to hold it all together.

The picture below shows Marine Lieutenant E. Paul Lett on the ear bridge.

In the picture below, you can see the  ladder that leads to the small red waist disposal hatch, through which Coxwain Elias Smith and Able Landman Elias Jones are going to insert a rocket reload.   Note the spare supplies strapped to the other foot.

OK, yeah – this is just a light-hearted joke. But, hey, now that I look at her … him … it, ‘Gigantor’ has got potential.  A bit of paint detail, some dry-brushing, maybe even a rivet or two – and I’ll have a real VSF model!

5 thoughts on “A VSF machine built in five minutes flat

  1. It’s actually British at the moment, as I haven’t got any period Frenchies yet! So if its held together by cheese, it’s Stilton.

    But when she … he … it is tarted up into a real model, I might make it French and buy some legionnaires as crew.

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