New blog by maker of that wonderful wild west town

The maker of Leadwood, the Wild West town that featured on this blog recently and that met with rave reviews, has now started his own blog: Colonel O’Truth’s Miniature Issues.

Besides more shots of Leadwood itself, Joe (aka Colonel O’Truth) has posted pictures of his scratch-built steam-punk walker and his pirate town project. He also plans to take us through a step-by-step guide on how he produces his amazing buildings.  

Well worth a look:

One thought on “New blog by maker of that wonderful wild west town

  1. Astonishing stuff! I’ll be visiting Leadwood and Col. O’Truth on a regular basis I think.

    On another subject, I found a French blog on the Polish forces of the 1er Empire which features credited images of your Polish Lancers, although they’ve promoted you (or insulted you!) by claiming you’re one of us; ie. an Aussie! The link is
    Scroll 3/4 down the page and there you are!

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