A wargames collection to die for

Though I’ve been painting wargames figures for ten years now, my collection isn’t that big.  Mainly, I suspect, not so much because of cost, but because my painting is quite slow, and I don’t believe in getting others to paint for me. 

Half of my collection in 2008. But nowhere as extensive as Ron Ringrose's fabulous collection.

But had I not been constrained by those factors, maybe my collection might have looked more like Ron Ringrose’s collection:


Isn’t that superb?!  I mean, he has more civilians in his cupboard than some of my armies. And boats!  I’m very proud of my Napoleonic long-boat, but I have only one … I lost count of how many I could see in these photos!

Wouldn’t it every wargamer’s dream to have a chance to browse through a wargames room like that. 

[Photos taken by Joe Dever and hosted on the Wargames Society discussion board. ]

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