A wargames collection to die for

Though I’ve been painting wargames figures for ten years now, my collection isn’t that big.  Mainly, I suspect, not so much because of cost, but because my painting is quite slow, and I don’t believe in getting others to paint for me. 

Half of my collection in 2008. But nowhere as extensive as Ron Ringrose's fabulous collection.

But had I not been constrained by those factors, maybe my collection might have looked more like Ron Ringrose’s collection:


Isn’t that superb?!  I mean, he has more civilians in his cupboard than some of my armies. And boats!  I’m very proud of my Napoleonic long-boat, but I have only one … I lost count of how many I could see in these photos!

Wouldn’t it every wargamer’s dream to have a chance to browse through a wargames room like that. 

[Photos taken by Joe Dever and hosted on the Wargames Society discussion board. ]

4 thoughts on “A wargames collection to die for

  1. I tried the link to see Ron Ringrose’s collection but it seemed to fail for me …???…would you please Reply to me with the correct link please, thank you in anticipation…Nicholas John Papadopoulos,Auckland ,New Zealand.

    1. Hi Nicholas. That link is very old (2013). I just checked it now, and it appears that the site no longer exists. I did a Google search on Ron Ringrose. Back in 2015 he was a member of Essex Gamesters. That may be a clue on finding him.

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