Waving the flag

I love GMB Design flags, I really do! Yep, call me a ‘fan-boy’ if you like, but I think there are no better wargames flags on the market. I had the pleasure of presenting my Minden British with their colours last night, and am very pleased with the results. The GMB flags are exquisite – beautifully drawn, rich colours, subtle shading and the most amazing detail.

Minden figures with GMB flags.
Minden SYW British with their newly-presented GMB colours. As with most of my miniature photos, the blue has come out a lot lighter and brighter in the pics than it is in real-life. Click on photo to enlarge.

There are two things that are crucial for getting the best out of GMB (or any other) paper flags:

  • Crease the flag diagonally, not vertically. This makes the flag look as though it has some weight. Too often I see flags that have been bent straight up and down, with vertical folds that looks very unconvincing. My technique is to glue the two halves together round the pole with PVA, let the flag set for a minute, then quite viciously crumple it diagonally against the pole. I then tease the folds back out a little, till I get the look I want. Once the glue dries, the shape is permanently set.
  • Paint the edges. White edges destroy the effect of even the best flags. Try to match the edge colours to the flag design. On these flags I used red, blue and very light sand to touch up the edges.

Oh, and one other thing – don’t varnish your flags. Grahame at GMB already sprays them with a protective coating (as otherwise the inks would run), so there is no need to inflict yet another coat which might dull or put an unwanted sheen on the colours, or perhaps cause even worse problems over time.

3 thoughts on “Waving the flag

  1. Hi Roly – nice blog. Your paper flag technique looks great! Since I’m into 15mm I do things a little differently, but your 25mm flags look very good. Nice work with the SYW figures, too.

  2. Roly: thanks for the tip on the diagonal creasing of the flags. I wish that I had read this before gluing a bunch of GMB flags last week. The diagonals look much better.

    I always base the figures and then spray Dull Kote matt finish to them. Then I glue on the GMB flag so that the colors don’t run or fog up from the Dull Kote. I once sprayed Dull Kote on some GMB flags and regretted doing so, as they looked washed out.



  3. Like your blog – useful hint on flags, too. Usually I design and make my own paper flags, using overhead projector pens to colour them.

    But thanks for the hint about folding them diagonally from the top of the hoist. Very handy, especially for the flags I get from on-line.

    Such flags are always rectagular, but I tend to prefer designing them as parallelograms, again to make ‘drape’ more convincingly.

    Ion (Archduke Piccolo)

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