Napoleonic British rocket section

No Napoleonic British wargames army – or one of the fun sort anyway – is complete without a rocket section.  This idiosyncratic weapon can be the cause of some wonderfully unpredictable game events, depending on how much your particular rules randomise the rockets’ final landing points. 

So with this in mind, I decided I just had to have a rocket section in my British army.  Unfortunately my favourite Napoleonic British figure manufacturers (Front Rank and Perry) don’t make rockets for the period.  So I had to resort to a company whose offerings I find  somewhat of a mixed bag – Old Glory.  But I’ve got to say that, overall, their rocket section isn’t a bad set at all.

Old Glory's rocket section

While the detail on the figures isn’t as scrumptious as on my preferred makes, some of the poses are very dynamic.  This liveliness is slightly negated by the fact that there is insufficient variety amongst the figures to prevent most stands having similar poses.  The uniforms are those of standard Royal Horse Artillery figures rather than rocket troops, but the differences are very minor (the lack of a pistol and pouch belt).   The rockets themselves are nicely cast, and go together quite easily. 

Large 32-pounder rocket launchers, again by 'Old Glory'.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my rocket section.  However, the crunch time will come when/if the Perry twins come out with a rocket section for their Waterloo range. The rocket set they have already produced for their Carlist Wars range is very pretty indeed.  So I suspect the Old Glory rocket section in these pictures will be one of the few painted units I ever sell, if I end up painting some Perry replacements in due course.

The business end of the 32-pounder rocket launchers.