My WW2 Dutch army in 28mm

“Klaar voor actie!” After a several weeks of painting, my small WW2 Dutch army is finally ready for action! These 28mm figures are all produced by Dutch company May ’40 Miniatures, whilst the Carden-Loyd tankette is by Reiver Castings. The small force is organised for the Bolt Action wargaming rules, and consists of three infantry … Continue reading My WW2 Dutch army in 28mm

Work-in-progress on WW2 Dutch

On the morning of 10 May 1940 the Dutch awoke to the sound of aircraft engines roaring in the sky. Germany’s invasion of the neutral Netherlands had begun. Seventy-seven years later my friend Sander van der Ster, owner of May ’40 Miniatures, was part of a reenactment group commemorating the invasion. At the same time, I was … Continue reading Work-in-progress on WW2 Dutch

Painted 28mm WW2 Dutch figures

May 1940: a squad of Dutch infantry cautiously follow a Carden Loyd tankette into a war-torn village. Yep, I’ve finally started painting my May ’40 Miniatures WW2 Dutch infantry at last!  (The Reiver Castings tankette, by the way, was covered in a previous posting). As I always find when photographing anything painted blue, the uniform … Continue reading Painted 28mm WW2 Dutch figures

May ’40 Miniatures release new pics of ww2 Dutch

May ’40 Miniatures have released some new pictures on their FaceBook page, depicting painted examples of their 28mm range of WW2 Dutch soldiers, marines and sailors. I hasten to add these beautifully painted examples weren’t done by me – the figures I’ve bought won’t be here in New Zealand till next year. But seeing them … Continue reading May ’40 Miniatures release new pics of ww2 Dutch

WW2 Dutch in 28mm by May ’40 Miniatures

May ’40 Miniatures are now really up and running.  This new company from the Netherlands makes 28mm Dutch infantry from early WW2. I really like their publicity photo, shown above, with some of their figures posed against real Dutch WW2 uniform items and equipment. I’ve ordered a batch of these figures, but I’ve asked May … Continue reading WW2 Dutch in 28mm by May ’40 Miniatures

Carden Loyd tankette for my WW2 Dutch army

Tremble ye Bolt Action players, and be struck with fear by my WW2 Dutch army’s first model! Shudder before the pent-up power of this huge … er, tiny … weapon of war – the mighty … er, puny … Carden Loyd tankette! I’m about to build a Dutch army using the new soon-to-be-released May ’40 … Continue reading Carden Loyd tankette for my WW2 Dutch army

Pre-orders for 28mm WW2 Dutch

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Or should that be ‘Haast! Haast! Haast!’? Submit your pre-orders by 9 October to ensure you’re in for the debut release of Sander van der Ster’s forthcoming new range of  May ’40 Miniatures WW2 Dutch figures. Several years ago Sander, who hails from the Netherlands, made the switch to historical wargaming, specifically WW2 … Continue reading Pre-orders for 28mm WW2 Dutch

Painted WW2 Dutch from May ’40 Miniatures

May ’40 Miniatures have released some nice photos of a few painted pre-production WW2 Dutch figures from their forthcoming 28mm range. Dutch uniforms were a kind of field-grey with a slightly bluish tinge. The helmet had quite an idiosyncratic shape. May ’40 aim to release these figures in November at Crisis in Antwerp, Belgium. I’m … Continue reading Painted WW2 Dutch from May ’40 Miniatures

1860s Māori Wars and WW2 Dutch

I’m eagerly anticipating two ranges of new figures that are hovering enticingly on the horizon at the moment. Colonial New Zealand Wars of the 1860s A discussion on the Lead Adventures forum has resulted in two different manufacturers expressing a possible interest in producing figures for the 1860s colonial wars in New Zealand. The discussion … Continue reading 1860s Māori Wars and WW2 Dutch