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Painted 28mm WW2 Dutch figures


May 1940: a squad of Dutch infantry cautiously follow a Carden Loyd tankette into a war-torn village.

Yep, I’ve finally started painting my May ’40 Miniatures WW2 Dutch infantry at last!  (The Reiver Castings tankette, by the way, was covered in a previous posting).


As I always find when photographing anything painted blue, the uniform colour in some of these pictures has come out a lot brighter than it is in reality.  The figures are actually a blueish-greenish-grey, rather than the bright light blue they appear in the photos above. The picture below is the most life-like depiction of the actual colour I painted them, though the photo itself is a little dull.


The miniatures were sculpted by Michael Percy for Sander van der Ster, the owner of May ’40 Miniatures. Michael has made a good job of capturing the somewhat old-fashioned appearance of the Dutch infantry of this period. The figures are festooned with equipment, and wear the distinctive Dutch helmets.


Posing is generally good, with all the sorts of stances you need for a ‘Bolt Action’ wargame. I glued the figures onto 25mm washers, and as you can see, the fit is good.


I particularly like this Lewis gun crew (seen below). I wouldn’t fancy being the guy holding the stand, with the gun yammering away just beside my ear!


So far I’ve painted just one section of 12 men and their NCO. I have two more sections to paint, along with a heavy machine gun team and a mortar. I also have one section of Dutch Marines, who will look distinctive in their dark blue jackets. And of course not to forget my medical team, who I’ll be painting up in memory of my father.


Following that, once May ’40 Miniatures launches their Landsverk armoured car and Böhler anti-tank gun, I’ll be adding these to my army of course. And, then, who knows – motorcycle-mounted machine guns, cyclists???

If you are interested to know more about May ’40 Miniatures, check out their website or their FaceBook page.



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What I did on my holiday


This blog has been quiet over the last five or six weeks because I’ve been away overseas on holiday.  For the most part, our trip to England, Scotland, the Netherlands and Italy was a non-hobby related holiday that readers will probably not be too interested in –  but there were a couple of moments of wargaming interest.

The first such moment was an overnight stop in the centre of the UK’s (if not the world’s) wargaming industry: the city of Nottingham. There we met up with Alan and Michael Perry, whom I had last worked with in New Zealand on the massive Chunuk Bair diorama project.


We were able to visit Alan’s wargaming room, with its magnificently terrained table, overflowing display cases, gorgeous battle paintings, and antique militaria.

I even sat on the couch where much of their prolific sculpting is done!  To my readers’ probable disappointment, I was so star-struck at finding myself at the very epicentre of our hobby that I forgot to take many photographs – what you see above is all that we took!


We were honoured with a sneak peek at the Perrys’ latest project, TravelBattle (a complete wargame in a box). They showed us the original one-off prototype of this game that they had made many years ago (sorry, once again I was too flabbergasted to take a photo!), and which they were now designing as an innovative new product in their range.


There were a couple of sociable meals with the Perry twins – the first at their local watering hole, the very atmospheric and old ‘Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem’ pub; and the other at a French restaurant with the two Mrs Perrys.


The other (sort of) wargaming moment was to almost meet Sander van der Ster of May ’40 Miniatures in the Netherlands. My wife and I hadn’t scheduled to visit the Netherlands on our holiday, but the sudden passing of two elderly aunts in Holland meant a quick re-jig of our plans so that I could attend the funerals. This put me within range of a possible meeting with Sander.

However, whilst I ended up only a town or two away from Sander, there were just too many family commitments for me to get sufficient time to travel the final few kilometres to have that face-to-face meeting.


But Sander did manage to post my order of  his first release of WW2 Dutch figures to where I was staying in the Netherlands, thus saving me a lot of postage costs to get it to the other side of the world. I’ll report more on these figures in a future posting, after I have got over my jet-lag sufficiently to really examine them closely!

Finally, a curiosity (non-wargaming related) from our trip: take a look what happened to the Leaning Tower of Pisa when I photographed it!



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May ’40 Miniatures release new pics of ww2 Dutch


May ’40 Miniatures have released some new pictures on their FaceBook page, depicting painted examples of their 28mm range of WW2 Dutch soldiers, marines and sailors.

I hasten to add these beautifully painted examples weren’t done by me – the figures I’ve bought won’t be here in New Zealand till next year. But seeing them in all their glory certainly has me keen to get painting …








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WW2 Dutch in 28mm by May ’40 Miniatures


May ’40 Miniatures are now really up and running.  This new company from the Netherlands makes 28mm Dutch infantry from early WW2.

I really like their publicity photo, shown above, with some of their figures posed against real Dutch WW2 uniform items and equipment.


I’ve ordered a batch of these figures, but I’ve asked May ’40 Miniatures to hold off sending them to me until they can also add in their promised Landsverk armoured car (thus combining postage).  This may be some way off, but I am patient …


May ’40 Miniatures are currently on FaceBook, and also have a new website being designed for them. You can also order their figures from Sally 4th in the UK.



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Pre-orders for 28mm WW2 Dutch


Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Or should that be ‘Haast! Haast! Haast!’? Submit your pre-orders by 9 October to ensure you’re in for the debut release of Sander van der Ster’s forthcoming new range of  May ’40 Miniatures WW2 Dutch figures.

Several years ago Sander, who hails from the Netherlands, made the switch to historical wargaming, specifically WW2 using the Bolt Action rules. He started out with late war Germans. But he soon wanted something else, something that wasn’t readily available. So after lots of planning and thinking and re-planning, and putting things on hold because real life had other thoughts, finally his range of May ’40 Miniatures is becoming a reality.

May ’40 Miniatures is also a tribute to Sander’s great-uncle who fell on 10 May 1940 at Westervoort, defending his country at only 20 years of age. Furthermore, May ’40 Miniatures is Sanders’ tribute to all Dutch troops and civilians that fell during World War 2.

The brand new range, sculpted by Michael Percy, includes command figures, infantry squads, Lewis gun crews and ammo bearers, an 81mm mortar, a Scwharzlose heavy machine gun, and even stretcher-bearers and a medic (the latter whom I’ll paint as my father).

You can obtain a fully illustrated list from here:

For the pre-order, there are two reduced-price Platoon and Army Deals, which will only be available up until 4 November, the day before the range is officially released at Crisis in Antwerp (Belgium). These deals are a one-off that won’t be repeated afterwards.

Whilst pre-orders are open till the day before  Crisis, Sander advises that to make sure you receive what you want, pre-orders should be submitted before 9 October. Otherwise he can’t guarantee to have your order ready in time, due to the minis being cast in the UK and the travel time involved.

Pre-orders can be made via email to: In the UK, the full range can also be pre-ordered from Sally 4th:

Whilst the initial launch will be all infantry, not too far off will be a Landsverk armoured car modelled by Stephan Vroom. Dutch marines, the famed ‘Black Devils’ who defended Rotterdam, are also in the pipeline.



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Good news and bad news

Let’s start with the good news.  May ’40 Miniatures have released production diagrams of the armoured car to accompany their forthcoming range of WW2 Dutch figures in 28mm. They’ve been hinting at this model of a Landsverk M36 for some time, but yesterday they finally released these pics.



The model will be  have a resin body and turret, and metal details. Not all the details are shown on these production images yet.

The M36 was a medium armoured car originating from Sweden, built by Landsverk as the L181. It was armed with a 37mm canon in a fully revolving turret, and three machine guns. The Dutch purchased twelve of these vehicles in 1936 and issued them to the 1st armoured car squadron. The Dutch later purchased fourteen M38 versions in 1938, which were mainly issued to the 2nd armoured car squadron.

Specifications (from War over Holland website)

Manufacturer: A.B. Landsverk [Landskrona, Sweden]
In service: 1936 – 1940


12 off M.36
12 off M.38
2 off M.38 command-car
Service: Cavalry, 1st and 2nd Squadron Armoured Cars
Role: Armoured reconnaissance, support, AT
Manufacturer optics: Nedinsco [Venlo, Holland]
Armament: 37 mm semi-automatic gun, Bofors
3 off machineguns 7.9 mm Lewis
Ammunition gun: HE and AP
Crew: 5 [2 drivers, 2 gunners, 1 commander]
Weight: 7 tonnes
Dimensions: 5.87 x 2.24 x 2.33 [L x W x H]
Chassis and engine: Daimler-Benz [M.36] and Büssing NAG [M.38]
Power: 150 hp approx.
Action-radius: 306 km
Max speed: 60 km/hr f.d., 40 km/hr r.d.
Armour: turret: 9 mm; balance 5 mm sloped



Now, the bad news. Unfortunately Eureka Miniatures didn’t get enough pre-orders to continue with their planned 1860s New Zealand Wars range.

Despite Eureka getting 23 respondents, which is very good for a project of this type, they only got pledges for AUD$3000 of the AUD$5000 needed to be raised  (a 40% shortfall in the revenue required). So they sadly decided that they couldn’t proceed with this project.

This is a real shame, as these would have been a very attractive and unusual range. It is perhaps that latter element that meant that these figures didn’t garner enough support.



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Painted WW2 Dutch from May ’40 Miniatures


May ’40 Miniatures have released some nice photos of a few painted pre-production WW2 Dutch figures from their forthcoming 28mm range.

Dutch uniforms were a kind of field-grey with a slightly bluish tinge. The helmet had quite an idiosyncratic shape.


May ’40 aim to release these figures in November at Crisis in Antwerp, Belgium. I’m looking forward to getting a Dutch army together for Bolt Action.




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