On Parade! My WW2 Dutch army

Over the last year I’ve been gradually parading each army in my wargaming collection for inspection to take stock of what I’ve got. In this posting in my On Parade! series, it is the turn of my WW2 Dutch. You can click on each picture to inspect them more closely.   I’ve got sufficient models to field … Continue reading On Parade! My WW2 Dutch army

WW2 Dutch village finished

My Dutch village is now complete. I’ll pack it away soon, to wait till I’ve painted up an enemy force from May ’40 Miniature’s forthcoming Fallschirmjäger (German paratroops) Kickstarter for my 1940 Dutch to fight. The final addition was to make the canal. I simply sprayed some textured sandpaper dark green, then edged the banks with sand … Continue reading WW2 Dutch village finished

28mm WW2 Dutch army completed at last!

I’ve finally completed sufficient models to field a WW2 Dutch force for wargaming. The models depict a small mixed force of the Dutch army as it was when the Germans invaded the Netherlands in  May 1940. All but one of the figures and models are made by the Dutch company May ’40 Miniatures. The exception … Continue reading 28mm WW2 Dutch army completed at last!

Review: WW2 Dutch Landsverk armoured car in 1/56 (28mm)

“Verdorie! Those are German paratroopers!” shouts the shocked commander of a Dutch Landsverk M36 armoured car as the Germans begin to invade the Netherlands on 10 May 1940. I’ve just completed this 1/56 scale Landsverk model produced by May ’40 Miniatures, which at last gives my 28mm WW2 Dutch army some reasonable armour to face … Continue reading Review: WW2 Dutch Landsverk armoured car in 1/56 (28mm)

Two WW2 Dutch farms in cardboard

This weekend I finished the final two Dutch card model buildings by ‘Gungnir’ that I had bought recently from WargameDownloads. I’ve posted previously about the first four buildings for a small Dutch village. This latest pair consists of two farmhouses. The first is a massive farmhouse/barn complex from the province of Gelderland. Like the other … Continue reading Two WW2 Dutch farms in cardboard

WW2 Dutch ‘PAG-trekker’ light artillery tractor

May ’40 Miniatures are currently working on a new model for their range of 28mm WW2 Dutch vehicles: the PAG-trekker light artillery tractor. In the 1938-1940 period the Dutch Army ordered a large number of light artillery tractors or Anti-tank gun tractors from DAF (Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagenfabriek) in Eindhoven. In Dutch these were called PAG-trekkers, … Continue reading WW2 Dutch ‘PAG-trekker’ light artillery tractor

Forthcoming new WW2 Dutch releases

May ’40 Miniatures have released pictures of some of their forthcoming WW2 Dutch models, including two anti-tank guns, an armoured car, and a massive building. The first model is the Böhler 47mm anti-tank gun (above). Böhler guns would prove effective during the intensive fighting in 1940. The 9th Panzer Division lost about 25 tanks, including Pz.III … Continue reading Forthcoming new WW2 Dutch releases