Display case on the move


My wargaming hobby has until now led a fairly secluded life in our house. All my miniatures, terrain, books, painting desk and small games table are usually confined to my study, with no indications of my hobby in any other part of the house.

But because I now have to work from home due to the Covid pandemic, and my study is rather cramped, my wife suggested I move one of my display cases out into the hallway. I didn’t hesitate in case she changed her mind, and hauled it out straight away!


So now I finally have some of my miniatures on ‘public’ display (well, it is right by the door to our toilet!).

The cabinet sits nicely beneath canvases of our favourite holiday snaps. On top sits a wooden Balinese bust that my father got when he served in Indonesia with the Dutch army during the late 1940s.

Here are some more pics (click on them to take a closer look):




3 thoughts on “Display case on the move

  1. Nice! I love those cabinets with mirrors….allows you to see both sides of the miniatures…and from a distance it looks like having twice the numbers 🙂

  2. What a stylish addition to any house! I can’t believe my other half think that books on Nazi tank warfare would not be a fitting addition to our house too! You need another cabinet in that hall!

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