Wargaming Illustrated’s freebie sprues strike again!


Wargames Illustrated’s promotion of plastic kits by providing free sprues with their magazine really works. I can say this with some authority, because I myself have just been captured by this cunning ruse. As a direct result of painting up a set of freebies, I have now been enticed to buy a box of figures for a period I have never considered before! 

As I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts, I am kind of doodling with figure-painting at the moment, as I have no major projects on the go. Having painted every miscellaneous metal figure I have got on hand, my eye turned to the various plastic sprues lying around.


When I painted these Warlord Games German Landsknechts, it certainly wasn’t with any intention to take up this period, but purely for a spot of painting fun.

However, the resulting colourful figures are just so darned nice, I have now succumbed to ordering a whole box of them from my friend Scott at Kapiti Hobbies ( the coolest pharmacy in the world, selling wargaming supplies alongside dispensing medicines!).


So far I have left the figures with their coat of gloss Army Painter Quickshade varnish. But I will re-coat them with matt varnish. Though I must say I secretly quite like the jewel-like effect of gloss  on these colourful figures.

I know absolutely nothing about this period. I have no particular plan to use them for games. I just like these figures!

5 thoughts on “Wargaming Illustrated’s freebie sprues strike again!

  1. I just tried to take out subscription with them but alas they are not accepting at this time..

  2. Landsknechts are quintessentially Italian Wars. You could quite conceivably stretch any ancient/medieval set that has provision for gunpowder weapons to include them, such as FoG or DBMM. There are also specialist sets such as Furioso from Alternative Armies. On a smaller scale, if you don’t want to collect large armies, some sort of mashup of Pikemans Lament and Lion Rampant would be one suggestion.

    I’ve been tempted myself, but as I already have Milanese c 1495 in 15mm, it seems silly to consider Italian Wars in a different scale.

  3. I think that the Gloss finish looks better for this colorful period. The colors really pop. I hope that you go with the Gloss as it would make for a magnificent looking army.

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