Some more bits an’ bobs during lockdown


This Austrian infantryman ambles along nonchalantly smoking his pipe, musket held languidly across his shoulder. He appears to be ignoring the revolutionary French soldier shouting an angry challenge and thrusting his bayonet out in front of him. 

So, does this mean I am about to start a new period, painting armies of the French Revolutionary Wars?  Nope, this is just some more of my doodling whilst on lockdown, painting various miscellaneous figures I’ve had lying round for years.


These very characterful figures are by Trent Miniatures. Where I got them from, I have no idea. They’ve just been sitting in by bits and bobs box for as long as I can remember. Lockdown has finally spurred me to give them a lick of paint.

I must say I rather like their charm, even though the anatomy is very suspect.  There is just something about their cartoon-like look that feels a bit like Asterix comics would if they were set in the late 18th century. If I ever were to do another period, I would certainly be looking at this range.

I have once again experimented with GW’s range of Contrast paints.  They certainly do a wonderfully quick and easy job. I did no shading or highlighting at all on these figures – it all happened by itself. The faces in particular came up very well.

Whilst these figures wouldn’t win any painting contest, they look great from the distance you view them at on the wargames table or in the display cabinet. 


I also had some Royal Navy sailors by Brigade Games lying around. They’ve also worked quite well with Contrast paints.

I do think the matelot on the right has a rather too long bayonet – it must be about as long as his entire leg!

These figures are the very last in my lead mountain. Though I do have a few miscellaneous plastic freebie sprues from ‘Wargames Illustrated’ magazines if I feel so inclined.

However, I am awaiting a couple of orders of metal figures that will complement two of my current periods … you’ll just have to wait and see what they are!



2 thoughts on “Some more bits an’ bobs during lockdown

  1. Asterix and the Revolutionary Conflict! I love it!
    Please consider doing this period- it’s a favourite of mine, although I do feel myself increasingly drawn to the pipe smoking Austrians!

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