Doodling with miniatures during lockdown


As I near the bottom of my lead-mountain during the Covid lock-down, I have been doing the modelling equivalent of doodling. I’ve been filling time by painting miscellaneous miniatures that will serve absolutely no purpose at all in my wargaming armies.


My two latest figures have been a couple of freebies that came with my Black Powder rule books, depicting the characters on the front covers.


First up is a Scot serving in an 18th century British army.  I used GW Contrast paints entirely, with no additional shading or highlighting, other than that provided by a coating of Army Painter’s Quickshade pigmented varnish.


The other figure depicts another Scot, this time from the Crimean War. I don’t have any Crimean armies, so he will be my sole representative for that period!


Here they both are again. You can see that the GW Contrast paint gives some interesting variations of colour.

Overall, the effect is a wee bit impressionistic. For example, I only hinted at the tartan design. They won’t withstand the same close scrutiny that a carefully painted figure with lots of blending, shading and highlighting can. But they are very quick to paint (each figure took only about an hour) and will work well on the tabletop – if they had any comrades to be on the tabletop with, that is!

8 thoughts on “Doodling with miniatures during lockdown

  1. Both figures are quite nice and look like you might find some use for them…somewhere. The highlander with the pistol could participate in some actions against woodland Indian types on the American frontier. The other figure I would be a bit hard pressed to find a use for by himself. Quick question: could you briefly summarize what your government regs are regarding the lockdown? Are they projecting any time when this might be lifted?
    All the best,

    1. Hi Jerry. Thanks for the comments. Even if these chaps don’t get used, I had a lot of fun painting them.

      Regarding your interesting question, New Zealand moves from our current Alert Level 4 lock-down to an Alert Level 3 lock-down this coming Tuesday. Then two weeks later the data will be reviewed and a decision will be made as to whether to move to level 2, stay at 3 , or (in the worst case) return to 4. New Zealand’s four alert levels are described here: (actually, now that I look at it, that table of Alert Levels almost looks like it was written by a wargamer!}

  2. Very nice work – particularly given the time it took to paint each figure! Several of my gaming friends have adopted the Army Painter style wash technique but I am sticking with my old school methods – which are not as impressive as your own, but satisfy me! The officer with the pistol would be fine in N America – FIW or AWI – plus Jacobite games of the 18th century..

  3. Hi Roly your doodling is a lot prettier than mine. I am adding nice to haves to existing armies – using up bits and pieces from my spares box and one unopened packet from Old Glory.

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