My most important posting ever


This is such an important message that I  believe it warrants being on my blog, despite having nothing to do with the hobby (other than that there may be no hobby for many of us if we don’t take action).

I want to promote this comic-strip by cartoonist Toby Morris, helped by Dr Siouxsie Wiles, who is fast becoming New Zealand’s most well-known face of the science-based approach to stopping the pandemic:

The strip explains really well how the virus works, and what we need to do to break the chain.

Keep safe everyone. Maybe we can reduce our lead mountains whilst we are locked down!




8 thoughts on “My most important posting ever

  1. Thanks for taking the time to speak to what may be the most critical issue of our times. I live 70 miles from the epicenter of the infection here in the United States, New York City. Our state alone has had more than 29,000 identified cases of COVID-19 and we have no end in sight. Despite our State Governor’s leadership in this area, some people are acting as if they cannot stand to stay away from others. The fact that they may be potential sources of infection and possible death, seems not to matter to them at all.
    With Britain in enforced lock down and Italy suffering severely, it seems only a matter of days until the crisis reaches a tipping point here in New York. The WHO has indicated that it may identify the US as the world epicenter – it’s scary to think that I may live near the epicenter of the epicenter if there is such a thing. As an aside, I would like to mention that our states of California and Washington are also clearly hot spots on the infection maps. It is just that with so many infections centered in one small geographic area, one gets a sense of one’s own mortality very quickly.
    I hope others in our hobby are doing what I am fully engaged in doing – reducing the lead pile. While I do live alone with my Bernese Mountain Dog for companionship, there is a very large, very nice pile of unpainted lead with which to work. I am in the midst of completing Rochambeau’s Army at Yorktown and after that will move on to some ancients.
    May you have good health and continued good spirits.

  2. Amanda – the link to the documentary here is by an Auckland artist; thought it might be useful on that screen outside the hub.



  3. Do you mean to say that New Zealand is actually relying on “science” to combat the virus? How radical–have you folks not heard of Trump’s approach, based as it is on denial, his “gut”, and wishful thinking?! Anyone can do it: just say and/or do something incredibly stupid, then stand back for the applause that will roll in from pinheaded, selfish and/or greedy supporters. It is to weep.

    I hope we all can stay the course in the coming weeks–or maybe months. It’s hard to envision something on the scale of the Spanish Flu pandemic of a hundred years ago, but nobody at the time envisioned it either. Too many people, including leaders, indulged in denial and wishful thinking, And the toll rose to 53,000,000 dead.

    And on that cheery note, best wishes,

    Chris Johnson

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