An experiment to paint realistic brickwork


Over the holidays I’ve been painting this couple of Dutch/Flemish building. They are resin models I’ve had lying round unpainted for probably a decade or more. They are made  by Hovels Ltd.

I think I was given these models by a friend (Paul Crouch was it you?) back in the early 2000s. But for years I could never really see the need for these particular models, as where would two obviously inner-city building sit when I had no other urban terrain to speak of? So they remained unpainted.

However, having come (for now) to the bottom of my lead pile, I decided it could be fun to paint these models for – well – just for fun.

This was spurred by reading a posting by my wargaming mate Scott Bowman of a simple technique for painting brickwork, which I was keen to try out.

I started by spraypainting them black, then blocking in the main brick colour with various shades of red. Once this was thoroughly dry, I painted the whole model with Army Painter shade in  order to seal the red colour.

Then came the magic ingredient: pre-mixed interior decorating filler. I smeared this over the brickwork with my fingers, then carefully wiped it off with a damp cloth. The filler remained stuck in the gaps between the bricks, nicely recreating the look of mortar.

Despite the coat of Army Painter shade, some of the red paint did leach through into areas of the filler. However, this has given a nice patchy look that I think adds a patina of age to the brickwork.

The final touch was to paint all the details (doors, windows, roofs, etc) in the usual manner.


One of the buildings had a broken gable. I had thought to try to repair it, but lazily decided this breakage could remain as though it had been knocked off by an errant cannonball or shell-burst.

And there we have it – two buildings that were fun to paint, albeit will probably never be seen on my tabletop unless I get my hands on many other such buildings to make up a townscape!



4 thoughts on “An experiment to paint realistic brickwork

  1. That worked really well. I don’t have any brick buildings to work on at the moment but I shall remember this technique if I do.

  2. Hello.
    If you think you may never use these models and would be willing to part with them please quote me a price. I game 18th C Flanders and could really use them. Thanks.
    Fantastic paint job!!

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