Amazing open day at The Winterdale Tavern

This is a live post from the first open day of Kapiti’s (New Zealand) newest wargaming venue, The Winterdale Tavern.

The Winterdale Tavern brings together the hobbies of wargaming, board gaming and role playing into one friendly place to hang out and play.

Facilities include lots of tables, tons of exquisite terrain from Printable Scenery (whose premises provide the venue), a boardgame library, hobby shop, a bar for special events, piped music, indoor/ outdoor seating areas … wow!

What an amazing turnout the open day has had. The place has been jam-packed with gamers, visiting hobbyists and walk-ins. The club has signed up so many new members.

Here are a few pics from the day:













9 thoughts on “Amazing open day at The Winterdale Tavern

    1. Great venue and an excellent first day. Are the boxes and models on the shelves someone’s collection or is it also a shop?

      1. The shelf of boxed games are the club library. The 3D-printed model terrain on the shelves can be used by any members. There are also some modelling supplies, books, games etc for sale.

    1. Bolt Action, X-Wing, Zombietopia, 40K, Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons and more. I was going to play The Men Who Would Be Kings, but did a static display instead, which I will post photos of soon.

  1. This looks fantastic and will definitely put the Kapiti Coast on the NZ wargaming map. It was great to see that there was interest from the fairer sex as well. A great place to hangout and get some gaming in with like-minded imaginative people. Well done!

    1. Yes, it was a really mixed crowd, from kids to the elderly, men and women. I think the broad church of the types of gaming brought different groups together. Along with Printable Scenery’s staff, who also include both guys and girls.

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