Partizan, here I come!


“And if you’re reading this from somewhere that we English would call ‘abroad’, isn’t it time for that trip to England?”  Newark Irregulars/Partizan Team

Well, this New Zealander is indeed planning a trip abroad next month, and has managed to talk his wife into adding Newark to our itinerary as we drive from London up to Edinburgh to visit our daughter who is teaching in Scotland. So Partizan, here we come!

Having attended only one big wargaming show in my life (SELWG a few years ago), I’m really looking forward to this event. I’m slavering at the thought of seeing so much of the very best of UK wargaming on show.

We’re staying in Newark a couple of days, so I also hope to fit in the National Civil War Centre (but I haven’t told my wife about that one yet!).

At Partizan I hope to meet many of the wonderful online friends that I’ve made through this blog. So if you see me wandering around looking lost, do say hi!  Here’s what I look like – though sadly I don’t have space to bring my colonial New Zealand Wars collection with me!


13 thoughts on “Partizan, here I come!

  1. Best wishes Roly, I did the same last year. Don’t forget that you will so close to Foundry it would be a shame not to call in! You could also visit the Warlord store and I think Footsore and Northstar are just around the corner from there. The village of Bakewell in the Peak district is worth a short stay for a day or two and a visit to Chatsworth House is worth a day out and something that both you and your wife would be likely to enjoy

    1. Thanks for that advice, Valley Boy NZ. I do indeed hope to pop into some other wargaming type haunts whilst I’m in that region. Though we do only have a couple of days, then we’re off to Lincoln and Durham on our drive north.

      1. Roly don’t forget to tour around the Earthworks and Redoubts at Newark they are really awesome ..
        I trekked over them many years ago ..

  2. There is also Carronade in Falkirk.. on May 11th, it’s about 30 minutes drive from Edinburgh. Not huge – but friendly. And being from NZ, you will find yourself at home in Scotland.

    1. Hi Doug. Unfortunately we will be in Holland on 11 May, and don’t get to Edinburgh till 25 May, so can’t make Carronade. I’m really looking forward to seeing Edinburgh, which has become my daughter’s home for the last year. We’re continually watching ‘Sunshine on Leith’ to get in the mood!!!

      1. That’s a shame, although if you make it as far as Edinburgh – it’s only another hour or so into rural Highland Perthshire, and closer still, Stirling Castle and the Bannockburn Centre are well worth a visit, and about 45 mins drive from Edinburgh. Enjoy!

  3. Lucky Rolly ,

    My wife is going to the UK in May with my son -she won’t take me as I grumble too much . She is going to the IMPERIAL MUSEUM as part of her tour …drool… that is my dream place to visit…!!!!

    She is also going to go to France =Normandy for world War 2 ,and the Somme and other battlefields for world war 1 and also going to Belgium for WW 1 . Just for you Rolly she is going to Amsterdam in the Netherlands too .

    Well she did let me tag along in Melbourne last month .

    Have a good visit to the UK .


    Nick Papadopoulos.

    (09)2799239[Answerphone available].

  4. Hi Roly … wherever you currently are on planet earth.

    Unfortunately it is now time for you to come home and start posting some reports for us boring stay at home types! 😃

    von Peter himself

    1. Yep, I have just got home yesterday, and a Partizan report is indeed one of my first tasks to do (after mundane stuff such as doing washing, going back to work, filling in my tax return etc!)!

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