The slowest pirates in the world


This has got to be one of the longest paint-jobs I’ve ever done.  A measly eighteen French flibustiers and militia from the Blood and Plunder range by Firelock Games have taken me months and months to paint.

There’s nothing wrong with the figures. In fact, as you can see, they are absolutely exquisite sculpts. But for some reason my heart wasn’t into painting them. Maybe because it is that I have already painted pirates before? Or maybe it is just my whole painting mojo needs a refresh? I’m not sure.

But, anyway, here they are at last. I still have eight boucaniers and seamen to paint (and, again, seem to be continually putting off starting them). And I have a Dutch faction ordered from their Kickstarter – I hope my mojo comes back before they’re due to arrive next  year.


Above: My French captain orders his men into the fight.


Above: The flibustiers in their snazzy blue coats and red breeches.


Above: French ‘special character, Francois L’Olonnais.


Above: The Milice de Caraibes (militia), which I painted in Bourbon pearl-grey uniforms.

4 thoughts on “The slowest pirates in the world

  1. Nice work. I have the same problem with my motley crews of Brits and Flibustiers… since Legends of the High Seas went out of style 😦

  2. Paint any favourite pirate (even from a film Pirates of… or etc)… then add to your excellent Flibustiers or Milice de Caraibes… then see how long before anyone notices ! You could also think of your favourite battle or scenario that includes the figures while you are painting them… Sounds like there may be others who might enjoy “Legends of the High Seas” and/or enjoy Pirates games? Really excellent work, hope you enjoy thinking of things that make painting fun. 🙂

  3. Great work with these, Roly. This project gives you another period for you to use your superb Pensinsular buildings. Don’t feel so bad about the length of time it took you to paint them…I started my scratch-built ‘Gary Chalk’ inspired brig back in 2010 and I still haven’t finished it!

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