Doodling with Napoleonic figures


In a wargaming version of mindless doodling, I recently frittered away an hour or so arranging some of my 28mm Napoleonic figures onto my small wargaming table.

My Napoleonic armies haven’t seen the light of day for a number of years now. So on an impulse, I just decided to set them out for fun in a static set-up.

The figures are arranged to depict a vaguely Peninsular War skirmish. Though I’m not actually sure if all the troops shown here really fought in the Peninsular War – I just pulled out the units that were the easiest to reach in my cupboard!

This is only a fraction of my Napoleonic armies, but you can only fit so many 28mm figures on a 4’x4′ board!

The buildings, by the way are all scratch-built. The trees are cheap Chinese architectural/ model railway decorations. The roads and rivers are by an Australian company called Miniature World Makers. Figures are mainly Front Rank and Perry Miniatures, but with some other makes thrown in.

So, for your enjoyment and edification, may I present the results of my doodling (you can click on each picture to take a closer look).













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8 responses to “Doodling with Napoleonic figures

  1. Very therapeutic that – taking time out to give an under used collection an airing, I should do it myself! Very much admire your scratch built buildings – well done.

  2. Scott bowman

    Very nice displays as always Roly… if you fancy some dice rolling with them mate just give me a shout

  3. What better way to spend an hour or two.

  4. Eric VEITL

    I am delighted seing so nice table and armies. All the best , Rolly

  5. Stacky

    Great wee centre-piece, Roly. Keep up the good work.

  6. Peter O'Brien

    Splendid. I hope it motivates you to get out the Napoleonics and start games no regularly.

  7. Vince Cholewa

    Roly, as always, superb!

  8. Norm

    Lovely. I really appreciate seeing the big chaps out on a small table – it motivates me to crack on with mine. Thanks for sharing. The buildings are really nice.

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