Sneak peak of my latest Japanese terrain


Just a very quick peak at what I have been spending my hobby time on this weekend – the building on the left. More info to come soon when I have completed this little project. Sayonara for now!



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7 responses to “Sneak peak of my latest Japanese terrain

  1. Wow! That looks impressive!

  2. Nick Papadopoulos / Hellenic Kiwi

    Very nice Arteis…
    Today I viewed a video about the Samurais that mentioned
    Minamoto Musashi [not sure of the spelling…?] and the
    and the piece of writing that he completed .
    He fought in one of the sectarian armies but later became a bit of a loner
    apparently . One of the wandering Ronin until his reputation grew .
    God bless you.
    I will be taking my ANZAC cove , and Western front battle dioramas
    to my local library [Papatoetoe War Memorial Library] for ANZAC day soon .
    Keep up the good work.
    Nick Pap-etc./Hellenic Kiwi.

    • Nick Papadopoulos / Hellenic Kiwi

      sorry forgot to add the name of the book that Minamoto Musashi wrote=>
      The Book of Five Rings.
      Nick P.

  3. That is absolutely fantastic Roly!

  4. Where did you got it from?

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