First three of the Seven Samurai painted


I’ve completed the first three of my North Star ‘Seven Samurai’ figures so far. Painting them has been a challenge to say the least.

I’m definitely no Kevin Dallimore. I’ve been slavishly following his painting guide for this set of figures, but – jeesh! – he paints details so small that I can’t even see them.

And as for picking out the freehand designs on the samurai clothing – I’ve painted the patterns as fine as I can get them, but they’re still twice as large and much rougher than Dallimore’s work! He must have exquisite brush control.

So far I’ve painted:

  • Katsushirō Okamoto (left figure) – a young untested warrior. The son of a wealthy landowner samurai, he left home to become a wandering samurai against his family’s wishes. After witnessing Kambei (the leader of the Seven Samurai) rescue a child who was taken hostage, Katsushirō desires to be Kambei’s disciple.
  • Kikuchiyo (middle figure) – a humorous character who initially claims to be a samurai, and even falsifies his family tree and identity. Mercurial and temperamental, he identifies with the villagers and their plight, and he reveals that he is in fact not a samurai, but rather a peasant. Eventually however, he proves his worth.
  • Heihachi Hayashida (right figure) – an amiable though less-skilled fighter. His charm and wit maintain his comrades’ good cheer in the face of adversity.

So, challenging, yes. And I’ve proven that I’m no master-painter, that’s for sure. But it has certainly been fun. And hopefully from a reasonable distance they’ll be recognisable as the Seven Samurai.


8 thoughts on “First three of the Seven Samurai painted

  1. Have you considered using a technical pen to draw the designs? Most of us have more control with a pen than a brush. I believe you can buy the pens with different colors of ink. I have blue and red as well as black. Very nice job, by the way, and a project I’ve long dreamed of.

    1. Probably none – I’m painting this set of figures more out of interest in painting them than gaming with them. I do have ‘Ronin’ and have played it once or twice with my other samurai figures. But I really am a painter and modeller first, and gaming a distant second.

  2. I’d be very proud of them if I was you. Mr Dallimore came from the stars with his sacred brushes and the eyesight of a hawk so don’t beat yourself up. Keep up the good work. I think their attack on the evil keyboard might succeed though 😄
    Peter (Cork,Ireland)

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