Pt2: Crown forces of the New Zealand Wars (1840s)


Here are the forces available to me for a British/colonial army for the New Zealand Wars of the 1840s, using The Men Who Would Be Kings wargames skirmish rules to fight my Māori war-party.

Rather than the blue jumpers worn by British regulars in the 1860s regulars, in the earlier 1840s conflicts they wore red shell jackets.

Some of these figures also feature in my 1860s force, for example the sailors, militia and rocket tube, as they can adequately cover both time periods.


I’ve also been able to add one more militia unit, dressed in a rag-tag collection of civilian clothes and part uniforms. This could perhaps represent a hastily-recruited militia or Civic Guard unit.

That’s it for my figures and terrain, and a tabletop to play on. Now I just have to purchase lots of 6-sided dice, and then it’s game on!


8 thoughts on “Pt2: Crown forces of the New Zealand Wars (1840s)

  1. wonderful job and very inspiring. I will use the basing trays for my figures. Unfortunately my bases are 2cm X1,5cm, so I have to cut many squares, but the result is great. I love your civilians also. Very well painted.

  2. I can’t help but think that Sharp Practice from Too Fat Lardies would be just ideal for your games. Just the right scale, plenty of suitable characteristics, and a cracking game.

      1. Of course, I should have remembered Roly. That was a cracking looking game, although the Brits seem to have caused themselves no end of difficulties unnecessarily. Hopefully a bit more familiarity would see the games really flow. The campaign aspects would also be very appealing.

  3. Hi Roly

    Interested in getting a copy of these rules myself for the NZ Wars as well. Do the rules cover different troop qualities (such as Regular, Militia, Forest Rangers etc) and how extensive is the selection of weapons ?
    You’ve mentioned the shot gun (tupara) in your comments above. Do the rules include shotguns ? These would be essential in gaming the NZ Wars IMHO.


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