Crown forces of the New Zealand Wars (1860s)


Here are the British and colonial forces to face my daring Māori in games of The Men Who Would Be Kings. They’re dressed in the distinctive blue uniforms worn by the British in New Zealand during the 1860s. Click on the pics for a closer view.

The combined units in these photos total more than the 24 points that the rules recommend for a field force, so I would select from these units for each game.


Included are three units of British regular infantry, one of colonial militia, and one of Royal Navy sailors. There is also a unit of cavalry or mounted infantry, an artillery piece, and a rocket tube.

They’re a mixture of 28mm Empress Miniatures and Perry Miniatures.


7 thoughts on “Crown forces of the New Zealand Wars (1860s)

  1. Hi Arteis ,
    In one of your related posts -you wished you had colonial militia with shawls.
    Here is a suggestion do conversions !!!
    Find perhaps American Civil War soldiers with blankets around their torsos – then using a file , or rotating tool grind away the trousers . Then build up muscles using ,green -stuff or other apoxy
    stuff . Finally make up shawls using the epoxy stuff .
    I made up Greek Evzones [Greek Royal guardsmen] in khaki uniforms from
    Hatt figures 1/72nd scale North African Italian soldiers .
    I also made up Cretan WW 2 irregulars from Hatt figure American Civil War –
    Zouaves .
    Until the figure makers make up some figures some authentic looking constabulary or militia with shawls could be made with conversions .
    You could repurchase some more of your figures and convert them in to armed constabulary with shawls .
    I have in front of me – Osprey :- Men- at -Arms … ‘The New Zealand Wars
    1820 -72 ‘ Booklet and it shows armed constabulary with the little round caps that your figures have [both with peaks and without peaks -peaks easily made with apoxy stuff ] … and wearing shawls…!!!
    So go ahead have fun and experiment . It will broaden your army numbers .
    God bless you.
    Nick Papadopoulos.
    Hellenic Kiwi

  2. My wife’s paternal ancestor [Her Great grandfather] came to New Zealand with an Imperial regiment to fight the Maori . My wife has a record of his service . He was Thomas Rouse a.k.a Thomas carter .
    He came out with one regiment and transferred whilst here to another regiment in order as to eventually stay permanently in New Zealand .
    No -he did not end up as a fencival – or I do not think he was – but he eventually acquired land in Hukerenui , Nothland .
    Some Imperials had red coats [58th regiment] when they came here – they may however have changed to blue coats .
    I am enjoying your series .
    Nick Papadopoulos.

    1. That’s an interesting family history, Nick. There’s a great book about the 58th, by the way: ‘To Fight The Daring Maori’ by Michael Barthorp. A really good read if you can get hold of it – the local library should be able to score it for you.

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