Some special Xmas videos in miniature

Here’s a special video I found with which to wish my readers a very merry Christmas. No soldiers, but definitely plenty of miniatures!

The video is from Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany (which is well and truly on my bucket-list).

As a kind of Christmas gift, here are a couple of other videos of Miniatur Wunderland that will absolutely inspire anyone with even the slightest interest in miniatures.

Firstly, a description of the building of the latest section of the diorama, Italy in Wunderland:

And here is Wunderland’s unbelievably spectacular airport:

Anyway, as we say here in New Zealand, ‘Meri Kirihimete – Merry Christmas’!


8 thoughts on “Some special Xmas videos in miniature

  1. Merry Christmas! I did visit the Wunderland and it is absolutly stunning. This was years ago before they had Italy and the airport. I still spent hours in there with a good friend. The German Hausmannskost in the Cafe was also very nice, so you can take a lunch break and continue your visit.

  2. Wunderbah !!! Arteis .
    Dankeshein … [ I know you are a Kiwi Nederlander but German is appropriate here…]
    I hope you have had a good Christmas -with more recruits given to you to
    add to your ranks !!!
    Have a happy New Year !!!
    Nick P.
    Hellenic Kiwi.

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