May ’40 Miniatures release new pics of ww2 Dutch


May ’40 Miniatures have released some new pictures on their FaceBook page, depicting painted examples of their 28mm range of WW2 Dutch soldiers, marines and sailors.

I hasten to add these beautifully painted examples weren’t done by me – the figures I’ve bought won’t be here in New Zealand till next year. But seeing them in all their glory certainly has me keen to get painting …









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2 responses to “May ’40 Miniatures release new pics of ww2 Dutch

  1. Nick Papadopoulos / Hellenic Kiwi

    Very nice !!!!!
    I like the ‘Mariniers’ = Dutch Marines.
    Nick Papadopoulos.

  2. Nicely done! Is that all your equipment in the shots? A very good idea to combine it with miniature photography!

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