Pre-orders for 28mm WW2 Dutch


Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Or should that be ‘Haast! Haast! Haast!’? Submit your pre-orders by 9 October to ensure you’re in for the debut release of Sander van der Ster’s forthcoming new range of  May ’40 Miniatures WW2 Dutch figures.

Several years ago Sander, who hails from the Netherlands, made the switch to historical wargaming, specifically WW2 using the Bolt Action rules. He started out with late war Germans. But he soon wanted something else, something that wasn’t readily available. So after lots of planning and thinking and re-planning, and putting things on hold because real life had other thoughts, finally his range of May ’40 Miniatures is becoming a reality.

May ’40 Miniatures is also a tribute to Sander’s great-uncle who fell on 10 May 1940 at Westervoort, defending his country at only 20 years of age. Furthermore, May ’40 Miniatures is Sanders’ tribute to all Dutch troops and civilians that fell during World War 2.

The brand new range, sculpted by Michael Percy, includes command figures, infantry squads, Lewis gun crews and ammo bearers, an 81mm mortar, a Scwharzlose heavy machine gun, and even stretcher-bearers and a medic (the latter whom I’ll paint as my father).

You can obtain a fully illustrated list from here:

For the pre-order, there are two reduced-price Platoon and Army Deals, which will only be available up until 4 November, the day before the range is officially released at Crisis in Antwerp (Belgium). These deals are a one-off that won’t be repeated afterwards.

Whilst pre-orders are open till the day before  Crisis, Sander advises that to make sure you receive what you want, pre-orders should be submitted before 9 October. Otherwise he can’t guarantee to have your order ready in time, due to the minis being cast in the UK and the travel time involved.

Pre-orders can be made via email to: In the UK, the full range can also be pre-ordered from Sally 4th:

Whilst the initial launch will be all infantry, not too far off will be a Landsverk armoured car modelled by Stephan Vroom. Dutch marines, the famed ‘Black Devils’ who defended Rotterdam, are also in the pipeline.



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