New range of Dutch WW2 figures getting closer


Some tantalising pictures of the masters for the new May ’40 Miniatures range of 28mm ww2 Dutch figures have just been released.  These are due for release in November at the Crisis wargames show in Antwerp, Belgium.


An aggressive-looking Dutch infantryman.  On this, and some of the other models, there are still some finishing touches to do before they go into production, for example rifle slings.


This lying down pose looks really natural, don’t you think?


One of the NCOs in this release.


I really like the old-fashioned shako worn by some Dutch officers. He is also wearing a huge ‘klebang’ (Indonesian style) sword.


Schwarzlose machine gun. The photo is set up incorrectly, as the loader should be on the other side for this make of gun.  Of course, that is just the photo – the models themselves are fine.


A Lewis gun being fired over the shoulder of one of the crew.


An 81mm mortar. This model is still missing its bipod stand.


A medic.  There is also a stretcher party in the range.

To see lots more pre-production figures from this first batch, go to the May ’40 Miniatures FaceBook page.

There are also hints of something else exciting that they are working on, which you would want for a Dutch army.  I know more, but sadly I’ve promised that my lips will remain sealed!

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