‘The Black Devils’ film trailer re Dutch marines in 1940

I found this tantalising trailer for a new Dutch mini-series on YouTube. It is about the Dutch marines in Rotterdam during the German invasion in 1940.

Note: After you click on the  above still picture, you will then have to click on the link saying ‘Watch this video on YouTube’, as it is disabled from playing directly from this blog.

In World War II, a Korps Mariniers unit that was in Rotterdam preparing to ship out to the Dutch East Indies successfully defended the bridges across the Maas, preventing German paratroopers in the centre of the city from rendezvousing with conventional German infantry. The Germans ended the stalemate by bombing Rotterdam.


The marines earned their nick-name of ‘Black Devils’ from their dark uniform tunics.

Whilst the trailer is in Dutch, you’ll get the gist of it, especially in the second half.

I’m not sure if this mini-series has actually made it to the the TV screen yet, however.

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