New 28mm Dutch WW2 troops


My heart jumped when I did my morning scroll down my FaceBook page to see what has happened overnight, and spotted this announcement:

May ’40 Miniatures has been a long time dream come realized. Being a gamer for more than 20 years (fantasy/scifi) I wanted to do something else. Several years ago I made the switch to historical wargaming, specifically WW2 (Bolt Action [other rulesets are out there]). Starting out with late war Germans. But I wanted something else, something that wasn’t readily available. So after lots of planning and thinking and replanning, putting things on hold because real life had other thoughts, finally now is the day to announce the intent to release a range of high quality 28 mm WW2 Dutch miniatures.

A little bit of further reading, and I find that, yes, this new company ticks all my boxes:

  • Dutch troops from WW2
  • 28mm metal
  • Aimed at Bolt Action

The figures are sculpted by Michael Percy.


As I’ve posted previously, my Dad was in the Dutch Army in 1940, so this is a force I’ve always wanted to add to my collection.  Now it looks like I’ll be able to do so at last.


For inspiration, there are some great shots of Dutch uniforms in this English-language video that reenacts the Battle of Dordrecht:


7 thoughts on “New 28mm Dutch WW2 troops

  1. Thank you for sharing my Dutch WW2 miniatures project on your blog. I do want to point out one mistake you made in the review. The miniatures are being sculpted by Michael Percy and not Michael Perry. Could you please change that bit. Thank you very much, cheers! Sander from May ’40 Miniatures.

  2. Great to see you honour your dad like this, also great to see us Dutchies get some decent representatives in 28mm! There are already some in 20mm but well BA is mostly played in 28mm so this is great news for WW2 enthusiasts indeed!

  3. Just a bit of an update on production. The 13th will be moulding day and casting masters, loads of masters. When I have these as many as needed will be cleaned and checked thouroughly. those will be used for making the production moulds. The other masters will be used for painting display miniatures and I’ll probably send some out to certain people to do a review.

    I can’t yet say when the actual production is starting but it will be soon. Not soon enough but soon. 😉

    Crisis Antwerp, 5th of november 2016 will be the first Wargaming event I’ll be at, not as just a punter but with a stand. Shared with Sally4th. Looking forward to that!



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