3D printable modular fantasy terrain Kickstarter

My friend Matt at Printable Scenery now has a Kickstarter site: Winterdale, a beautifully designed modular medieval fantasy citadel collection for 28mm gaming.

This is the same company that printed my beautiful Maori pa.


Each Winterdale model is delivered as a .stl file pack to be downloaded and printed on a home 3D printer.

For the last year Matt’s company has been perfecting the process of 3D printing modular gaming terrain, and has built up a great following selling their models through out the world. All their designs are modular so you can scale, customize and print buildings towers and walls. Each piece is individually sculpted for maximum detail, and configured and optimized to print on small home printers.

3D printers are perfect for tabletop wargame and RPG terrain. Each piece of scenery costs about as much as a cup of coffee to print, and you can get a good printer for as little as US$399. Everything shown here is printed at 200 microns, which is the optimum quality for scenery.

If you’re looking at getting a 3D printer in the near future, then getting this digital library now at this amazing price will be well worthwhile.

Pledge Level 1 THE HAMLET: US$10 (NZ$15)


Pledge Level 2 THE TOWER: $US 27 (NZ$40)


Pledge Level 3 THE CITADEL $US 44 (NZ$65):


Pledge Level 4 CASTLE: $US 50 (NZ$75)


Stretch Goals

Matt is also really excited about the stretch goals because this is where they get to develop a lot of new buildings and add-ons.  Their concept artist, Elwira Pawlikowska, is already getting ideas underway. You’ll be getting amazing value just from the pledges as they are, but when the stretch goals are reached you’ll be getting an unbelievable amount of models. Matt will be getting your feedback along the way as they develop some more really amazing scenery pieces.

Stretch goals

If you’re interested, why not drop by Matt’s Winterdale Kickstarter site.

One thought on “3D printable modular fantasy terrain Kickstarter

  1. That looks seriously awesome. If I was still into fantasy gaming I’d certainly look pretty seriously at it – I gave up on AD&D over thirty years ago though… But I can still admire the way modern tech has led us to some seriously cool creations like these. Hope the kickstarter works and these things are produced!

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