My video about a new NZ flag

Sorry for those who are bored with the New Zealand flag debate, but as voting starts this weekend, I just wanted to post a video I’ve created about my choice in the referendum (click the above pic to view the video).  I’m no Steven Spielberg, but I hope you enjoy it!

Also, here’s another good video released today to explain the Māori  mythology element of Red Peak.  This video isn’t by me, but by Roy Joseph Dredd.

This blog will return to wargaming soon, I promise (I’ve been busy painting horses for the last couple of weeks!).


2 thoughts on “My video about a new NZ flag

  1. Hi Roly . Certainly a good marketing approach with this and it has created much debate throughout the country. It will be interesting to see if the Red Peak option gains much support, as by far the majority of the people I’ve spoken with prefer options sporting a silver fern. I have no doubt that NZ will have a new flag in the future but the feeling I get is that most people prefer the status quo at present. I look forward to seeing the results of the referendum.

    1. Your assessment matches with mine. I know that Red Peak has a long way to go to beat the ferns (which have an unfair advantage of being two almost-twins, so will back each other up in the preferential vote in Referendum #1). At this stage, the current flag will win Referendum #2. But with a less fragmented opposition once the contender is sorted, that could change before March. It really depends on whether the losing contenders will back up the winning one, or if they’ll fall in behind the current flag instead. I suspect many will do the latter, adding to the current flag’s already big base following.

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